God’s Message: It’s a Wonderful World

heavenlettersThe little things in Life may bring great happiness. Daily little things can be taken for granted as well. They may be little yet momentous. There is great power in all the little things that enrich your Life.

What about the Stars in the Sky? The sound of the Ocean? Fresh air? Mountain air? Tastes? A rose in bloom? A smile? Blue eyes and brown eyes and all the color of eyes in between? The wind? An apron taken off? Children? Music? Dance? The internet and how now the world grows closer in an instant? The Sun and the Moon? The Blue of the Sky? A Poem? A tree? A Lily of the Valley? And you, what about you? You are surrounded by opportunity. Bring it on.

How long a list can you make of the Treasures in this World? Your list could fill your house, go past your street, cover miles. There may well be lovely little things that you forget and want to add later. I would say that your list is limitless. Make that list and whistle while you work. Of course, this is no work at all. Enjoy it.

In thinking of your list and writing it down, the splendor of Life runs through your blood steam. In so doing, you strengthen every cell in your body and in your heart, and you integrate your Life and your health, and you raise the Light of Life for everyone near and far.

I suppose you might say that happiness isn’t everything. You might say that Love isn’t everything, yet what is happiness but Love? I say that giving of Love and its rebounding happiness is Everything. You do admit, at least that they’re a LOT. You may want to sneak money in there fast, and that’s okay too.

Of course, everyone knows for a fact that money isn’t everything. There are fairy tales from childhood that tell you that money, as golden as it is, and all that it can buy, and as valuable as money is and what money can bring to you are – no amount of money lights a candle to Love and health and fresh air and all the other Wonders of the World.

Well, of course, money is a vast area of Life where you can lose a lotta sleep. It is also true that the excitement that money can bring doesn’t last as long or as fully as you would wish. Money simply can go only so far. Naturally, it can take care of many necessities. Of course, money fills the larders, yet it is does not keep you on a high as you would want. Money is, after all, just a commodity. Commodities can only go so far. Money can be a partial answer, yet cannot be the answer to all your dreams.

Note that I do not knock money. Money is great to have, yet money ain’t everything.

We can perhaps say that this Moment of Life is everything. Regardless, you do well to appreciate all that surrounds you. Appreciation of what you have can even begin to hook you up with more contact with money.

Don’t think that you are way ahead to be above desiring. Desire is a force for good. Note the difference between seeking and having to have. Note the difference between enjoying and coveting.

You already know your tendencies in Life to amass whatever catches your eye. Let go of desire to amass, yet not your desires. Desires keep you lively. Desires are not greed.

Desire energy. Desire to give your Love for the joy of it, and not demand a return. It isn’t for you to be a bill collector in Life. Better to give unto Life and savor all that you already have than to point out that which you say you are lacking.

There is another side to every coin, and you are already richer than you credit yourself.

» Source – Channel: Loretta