7 of Hearts

* 7 of Hearts

I was getting ready to play a game of cards with a beloved, as I am shuffling the cards, randomly the Seven of Hearts falls out of my hands onto the floor. I grab it, look at it and made me chuckle, of course I do not think that that was just a coincidence. So today I decided to search “7 of hearts”, there’s thousands of pages about it, I clicked one and I came across this;

–The Seven of Heart people are known for their charm and magnetism. **They are able to sway opinions and exert important influence over the ignorant or doubting. **They are also known for their extremes in love – either jealous and suspicious, or they are completely loyal and devoted until death do they part.

The women of this card often need approval and encouragement. There is an inclination to cater to the opposite sex, and they usually prefer working with men who are intrigued by their appearance or actions. The men of this card often waste their personal power, and may become wanders or triflers – sailors who sail the seven seas “with a girl in every port”.

This is also called the Martyr’s Card as many 7 of Heart are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of a cause.– » Click for Article Source

*From Heart to Heart; KejRaj!