The Full Disclosure Project

*The Full Disclosure Project

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A program to force Governments and Corporations to release suppressed technologies that will improve the quality of life of everyone living on the planet.

This is the official site representing the grass roots effort for FULL DISCLOSURE.

We are working in the background with other researchers and grassroots groups to get this joint effort off the ground. The first thing we need to achieve is “Unity in the Community”! Once we agree to disagree on our belief systems and focus on our common goal of Full Disclosure we will be a force to reckon with. There will be updates and announcements in the near future from various participants. In the meantime make this website known.

We are setting up an effort that will be completely crowd funded, financially transparent and where no one makes any money. All money donated will go directly to grassroots efforts and tailored marketing campaigns for every community we can reach. No one person or group will be in control, it will be an organic grassroots effort with room for all who behave positively to participate in. We hope there will be news ads, freeway signs and even radio and television commercials (designed for each market) covering the needed release of SSP Technologies and the full release of data relating to crimes against humanity and all suppressed knowledge of our cosmos. Most of this will be designed for one main target audience – those who are programmed with a giggle response to these topics.

Thank you

Corey Goode