Hold Your Light

*Hold Your Light

Up and down, emotionally, is how I’ve been feeling for the past couple of weeks as things seem to be moving forward or staying the same? I do not know for sure, it is just the information we all have from various sources on the web, through different sites, from channelers, to intel gurus and so on; browsing the web for the most recent news on the RV/GCR, Disclosure, change in leadership/power, etc. We can safely say that only Creator knows for certain when the “button will be pushed” and we get the domino effect, things start rolling, and WE SEE that things are actually happening.

I am not doubting that there isn’t any movement, I KNOW there is, a lot going on behind the scenes. But for once, I think I speak for all when I say, PLEASE GIVE US “ONE” THING THAT WE CAN “SEE” with our own physical eyes, that will lift our spirits higher. We DESERVE that much. After 13,000 years of the 3D Earth games, since the fall of Atlantis, we are still being asked for “patience”. A couple of times I have wondered if it would just be easier if I turned on the TV and turn to entertainment again, do my 40hr week, and pretend everything is okay. I am kidding, about the pretending thing, almost impossible to do such thing, especially knowing what I know and have known for a long time. Yes, we have a reason for being here, it is to save the world; at the same time we are told by many that we are NOT here to save the world, and again we are told “you signed up for this”, “you have been in training for a long time for this” etc. We are told to not just “stand by”, get into action, start your projects, and so on. What action? Robbing banks, stores, and giving to the poor? I like that idea actually.

The “Company of Heaven”, has been ready for a long time, humanity is ready, or I should say “many of us” on Earth are ready,(NEVER will all 7 Billion be ready) for Disclosure, RV/GCR, and a COMPLETE change of this world. I am not being selfish, yes it would be great to have all 7 billion co-operating, and united ascend into the 5th Dimension, but I ask the Company of Heaven, what are the chances of that happening in ten or twenty years; 2025/2030 window?; or even this century. So what is stopping the show, Company of Heaven? Do you need a hero? A 3D Earth type of a hero? I can be one for you. I am willing to sacrifice myself for the sake of humanity. Just guide me to the “obstacle” or obstacles.

Unless.. unless I am one of or the obstacle? Unless I am the “self obstacle”, that’s keeping the reality I desire out of my world. It is said that we create our own reality, and I AM a firm believer in that. Maybe there isn’t a need for a hero/sacrifice, it may not be the 7 Billion, or the Cabal, or the Company of Heaven; It may just be that I am focusing on the outside too much and forgetting my “within world”. I need to spend more time in nature. More time practicing to SEE with the HEART. Because deep within I CAN FEEL the energy of great change in our VERY near future, or imminence I should say. It is just that this feels like it’s taking another 13,000 years, the frustration, the inability to built a home for someone in need of a home, or to gift someone $300 every month so they may live a normal life in a third world country, or help pay with necessary plumbing to get water into a family’s home, or just buy toys, a bicycle for a child; there is so many things that I want to do, that we all want to do for the world, that unfortunately require “money” that I do not posses in this moment.

Still, after all of this, what we have endured throughout this journey ’til now, I have to say my hope and faith are stronger than ever before. I have zero doubt that all will unfold and what we have been promised, WE WILL RECEIVE. We have not come this far for a disappointing ending. I must keep going, WE must keep going a little further. We will change this world for the better, together. Hold your light, your love, faith, hope, and courage, because the ride is just beginning. The joy we have right now is about to grow a hundredfold. Light Love Peace Joy on Mother Earth.

From Heart to Heart; KejRaj!