Our Purpose in Life

*The Council tells us of our Purpose in Life

In this exchange between a researcher and William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, they say that our purpose for being in the physical is not simply to create.

Questioner: Is the purpose of our existence whether spiritual or physical to be constantly creating?

The Council: Well, that might be considered a secondary purpose in a general sense. The purpose of the existence, each individual’s existence is to recreate that completeness that you once had, re-establish that total godlike quality that each of you had. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Are you saying that by simply increasing our creative activity that we could grow more rapidly?

The Council: Well, it would depend on what you were to create or what avenues you were to take. Simply having the soul of an artist and creating hundreds and hundreds of canvasses will not benefit you as much as being creative in how you can reach other individuals in a sense of service. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: It is fine to create something of beauty that uplifts mankind or adds to the respect and dignity of mankind, but you must also reach out to those individuals around and about you and help in ways that they may need help. So it is not just the creative potential in the sense of artistic or literary avenues or even the act of sharing intimacies with each other. You must go beyond that small circle. The ideal path to spiritual evolvement or at-one-ness again is to incorporate as much of that into your life as possible. Everyone has a degree of artistic ability, maybe not to the extent of being classified as a master of painting or an exceptional author, but even your little thoughts and ideas jotted down and shared is a form of creativity, a form of expression. Whether you show them to someone or keep them solely for yourself, it gives you an idea of what is inside of you and your sensitivity to the world around. In your society today, there are certain areas that man has become desensitized to, with all the violence and things of that nature. One does not realize the pain that exists in the world. They are desensitized to pain and suffering. So, at times, by expressing either through the written word or through some medium or another that sensitivity, that gentleness, that love, even if it is just for your own viewing or your own enjoyment, might help to sensitize you even more to your own self. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, thank you. Now, this reaching out to others, is this a form of unconditional love?

The Council: Yes. You have to learn to accept people as they are, and if they are in need of help, help them regardless of what they may look like or what their attitudes may be. We said sometime ago that you do not have to like everybody you come in contact with or deal with, but you do or you must love them. You can love a person and still not like them.

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