*Sungazing Practice(1 of 2)

*Sungazing Practice(1 of 2)

Yes, the sun holds incredible power for those who wish to obtain it.   And for souls who are patient, willing to change how they view their existence and how they currently live their lives; much is possible.  Light is the basic nutrient of all life; how we utilize, metabolize and understand this light can help us evolve. Pure motivation coupled with awareness, focus and relaxation, can in turn enable us to access every level of our energy.

I share my thoughts, experiences and adventures to raise awareness.  Our abilities are limitless.  Not only is the glass half full, but the glass its self is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship.  And the liquid inside is flexible and alive. Everyday that I become more aware of how I feel, and why I feel what I feel, the richness of my life increases.  If sharing my experiences can help others taste some of their own potential, I will share until the cows come home.  We all hold a recipe for greatness, this coupled with creative imaginations make for daily miracles.  As I took the time to dive deeper into myself I began to gain the understanding that I am 100% responsible for how I feel, how I act and how I re-act.  I was awakened to the concept that my attitude and state of being is controlled by me.  Yes, the choice is mine; miracles may be impressive, however they can be as common as a sunrise.  I find, the more aware people become of their own ability to process, feel and choose; the more interesting life becomes.  Ideas are expanded upon, mental boundaries are over run as humans begin to truly stretch the envelope of possibilities.  Imagine.  Personally I find creative expression mixed with a playful innocence more intriguing and pleasurable then taking a seat at the feeding trough of our current societal trajectory.  The more humans that chose to really live, the more delightful and interesting I find our planet to be.  Taking responsibility of one’s own being may be the first step.

I write with a fundamental belief that anything is possible. I am also convinced that our bodies are eternally brilliant.  The physical organisms that host us are constantly trying to heal themselves and express their true nature; all in an attempt to find balance in an unbalanced world.  Our bodies that we lug around each and every day are the perfect teachers.   Without fail, like a mirror our internal being is reflected in our every hair, freckle, ache, pain and experience.  Our bodies speak the truth of who we are and how we are living.

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