A Channeled Message on Universal Laws


For centuries humankind has existed under natural rules of living that dwell deep within the human subconscious, lying dormant, but ready to be recognized when there were questions of right or wrong.  Moral decisions developed as different species of human beings evolved to the point of needing guidelines of action toward each other, towards other tribes, or groups of communities.  Basic laws of living still reside in your consciousness, but the societies of today have chosen to ignore, change, or re-work them to the extent that immorality has become a way of life for many.

Religious organizations are being affected by this trend to the point of down-playing or simply not teaching in sermons or talks the fundamental rudiments of right thinking or actions. The word “right” in this case only refers to attitudes deeply set into place by the Christ Spirit. We will try to put the inexplicable into a basic, but limited, form. There are nuances of spiritual law that humanity cannot and will not be able to understand for many centuries to come.  We will try to put the inexplicable into a basic, but limited, form. There are nuances of spiritual law that humanity cannot and will not be able to understand for many centuries to come.

Using the Ten Commandments as a starting point, it is well to understand that the basic laws given in this form are part of every human being.

They have been re-stated many times during the centuries by man different teachers in many different ways to enable humanity of each time to grasp their meanings.


It is necessary for the incarnated soul to rermember, accept and deeply respect the existence of the supreme Creator.  Those who insist there is no God (a super intelligent creative energy) will not experience inner peace of any kind until they give up their resistance to this concept and Truth.  Watch the animal kingdom.  There is what is called the “pecking order”.  Every living thing has the inner knowledge of something greater than themselves; this is as natural as breathing.  Even if it comes to the point where human beings are routinely grown in test tubes (unfortunately, this will come about), the inner sense of a Creator much greater than the scientist involved, will always be present in that person’s consciousness. The only exception to this inner sense would be the human clone when there is no existence of a soul in the duplicate body. The physical operation of the brain might be the same, but the Eternal Life Force cannot be duplicated.  Looking far ahead into the future of Planet   Earth, we see the possibility of eternal souls inhabiting human clones when there are too few originally bred and born human bodies in which to reside for a a purposeful life term on this planet.It is essential to the human sense of well-being to respond to the divine presence of the Creator.  It is  essential to blend conscious thought with the inner guidance that Presence constantly provides. Humanity is now in the throes of violence and cruelty cause of the resistance to this natural part of their lives.


There is a natural order in all things created.  On Planet Earth, all living creatures have their own place in that order.  Human beings were created to be at the top of the order in your world, which gives humanity not only a comfortable dominance over all other living things, but a consistent responsibility to take care of them! The Law of Responsibility is one that is being almost totally disregarded.  Planet Earth was created with forests and plants that interact with each other.  Changing seasons of the year allow plants and trees to shed their foliage that falls to the ground and fertilize the soil to feed new growth. Forests which covered most of the land centuries ago were put into place to fill the lower reaches of atmosphere with the proper oxygen for living creatures. Because of economic necessity in tropical continents, many of these essential rain forests have been cut down and burned in order to provide land for small farms. Even in North America, although large reserves have been put into place, the loss of thousands of acres of trees by over-cutting has resulted in polluted air that normally would have been purified by the trees. Pollution, even acid rain, can be purified when there are large enough stands of trees in place. Fortunately, humanity is beginning to realize this, planting new forests in many places. Responsibility to the land is of utmost importance to Planet Earth.

Responsibility for the creatures of Planet Earth is being practiced by man, as small oranizations strive to keep endangered species from being over-killed or over-fished. There are new species now being created as the Earth changes its motion during this decade, formulating new seasons and different weather conditions around the world.  Many species will disappear as these new climates fail to meet their needs, or they will simply migrate to other locations, trying to find suitable conditions. Even now, it is being noticed that birds or animals are being seen in places where they have not been found before. Nevertheless, the realization that there is human responsibility for all animals, be they of the land, the waters, or the air, is important. Even insects that thrive on your world have their place. Chemical control of many types of insects has upset the purpose of their being in many cases, but be assured that new species of insects will be set into place to  insure that life will proceed as originally planned, things. Humanity must come back to the point of realization of this important Trust, as did those who lived close to the soil years ago.


The very strict law against one human being killing another is still in force, regardless of the slaughters going on every day. The law brings up many questions. Is it all right to kill another during a declared war? Or is it against Universal Law to war against another tribe, cultural group, or nation?

Of course it is. War of any kind, especially with weapons that kill human beings, is against Universal Law. Planet Earth will remain in a state of quarantine as long as it remains in its war-like, belligerent frame of mind. Reaching out into space, especially to other populated planets, will simply not be allowed.

(Question by Ruth: What about exploration now being carried out on the Planet Mars? or on Pluto or other discovered planets?)

Answer:  Machines can send back to Earth information about the soil and ancient constitution of the planet, but they cannot affect any life force existing there. Human beings will be stopped from setting foot on those planets for a long time to come.

Is it allowed to kill another in self-defense, when one’s own life is in the balance?  Your  human laws permit this, but Universal Law does not.  There will be unbridled violence upon your planet for some time to come, and many people are set upon by robbers or individuals who are mentally unbalanced, drug-crazed, or by those who have never been taught that hurting another human being is wrong.  Death is still feared by those who do not have the knowledge that their lifetime is only a very small part of their real existence.  Dying is not a real tragedy.  It is disappointing to the spiritual self to leave this lifetime without being to accomplish its purpose for the lifetime, but even that kind of death brings to the soul a powerful learning experience.

Taking one’s  own life is against Universal Law. A  soul takes on the responsibility for a lifetime in a very serious manner.  Everything that occurs during that lifetime is important.  Diseases that cause terrible pain are on the rise on Earth, brought on by humanity itself.  The concept of mercy killing or self-assisted suicide, as compassionate and merciful as you may feel this to be, is against Universal Law for Planet Earth.  The life of a human being is a holy thing.  It is given to further the soul’s experience that was determined before the lifetime was entered into.  Life must be honored and respected, any life.  A suicide, no matter the circumstance, results in a cloud of remorse around the returned soul to the spiritual realm, and that may last many of your centuries.  That soul being will not be able to advance again until that cloud has faded away.  It is not a matter of forgiveness by the Creator. Since all creation is perfection, there is nothing to forgive in that Divine Mind.  The forgiveness of self must come from the depths of the soul of the suicide.

(Question by Ruth:  There is such controversy regarding capital punishment, we really need some guidelines.  Exodus 21, Verse 12 states “He who strikes a man so that he dies shall surely be put to death.” This is the old Hebraic law, among several others decreeing death as a punishment. In today’s world, with the intelligence level of humankind at this point, what is Universal Law?

The killing that takes place today is almost unprecedented in human history, regardless of the millions that have been killed by their fellow humans over the centuries.  There are many human beings who have been instilled with negative mind sets that do not allow for kindness or love, but are steeped in the glorification of self, the overwhelming need for money or the things money can buy, regardless of need, and the almost unbearable inner goading from the Dark Powers to be better than others and gain power, no matter how.  It is imperative in this century that those with such twisted minds, who cannot or will not listen to their higher spiritual guidance, be prevented from preying upon humanity.  Your prisons are overflowing with such people to the point where prisons are becoming a commercial venture in many places.  Murderers, rapists, those who prey upon children, are being released before their terms are completed in order that more room may be had for those coming into the system from the Courts.  What then is being accomplished?  Universal Law is the same as it has always been; understanding of how it works has not always been understood.

The Law “You shall not kill” in the Ten Commandments refers to the killing of a human body by another human being.  There are other laws that pertain to killing of animals that we will speak of another time if you wish.

This Law does not pertain to the punishment of an individual who has killed intentionally with hate in his or her heart, or for personal gain of any kind.  There are many levels of judgment that humanity may make, and many of them are either too lax or too heartless.  A killing that is accidental or from carelessness should be punished in a way that gives the individual time to reflect upon the act, to bring his or her mind back to a state of clarity or educated about the circumstances that caused the action.  This is not an act that merits being put to death.

War has always been the horrible mass action of killing the “enemy”, with governments training and brain-washing young men and women to commit actions of hate without conscience and upon orders, thoughtlessly and with the concept of saving their own country or culture, or land, or whatever.  Killing for political power is certainly not new and lives again as a kind of punishment other people will never know or understand.  The real punishment lies upon the shoulders of those who initiated such mass murder for their own power or greed.  When they return to the spiritual realm, the recognition of what they have done will take thousands of years of unpleasant lifetimes in many places before the actions can be erased from their souls.  This is not a punishment from God; this is their own determination to wipe the slate clean again.  god forgives immediately, even the most horrendous actions of humanity.

The spiritual being housed in a human body has Free Will, just as the spiritual being has Free Will.  The decisions made by a human being are their own.  If a man or woman decides to kill another for any reason, their punishment has been set in time.  Human laws are many and varied, but in most countries the sentence of death when such an action can be proven without a doubt, is given to the killer. This is also Universal Law.  If the action cannot be proven and the killer is set free, the sentence is still in force.  Upon arriving back into the spiritual realm, that sentence hits the spiritual being like a hammer, and it is sent back into a lifetime where it is placed into situations where he/she is killed in like manner.  If the killer has tortured and hurt a victim terribly, the same torture will be metered out to him or her.  There is no escape from an ultimate punishment for an intentional killer.

There have been many good people who recognize that a misguided young person (for example, one who has never had love or been taught right from wrong) should not be held responsible for his or her actions for this reason.  Yes, they will be.  Without understanding the inner spiritual being that guides the life of all human beings, those doing the judging do not see that every person does feel that guidance and has the choice of accepting or rejecting it.  Selfishness, greed, the need to be accepted and revered by peers; all are a part of the choice.  There are many young people reared in difficult and unpleasant circumstances who do listen and who do rise above their situations to become responsible and loving people. They made a choice, too.


There are other ancient laws in the 21st Chapter of Exodus that refer to everyday infractions of Judiac Laws that would seem overly strict in your culture.  In the comparatively small communities of those times, societal restrictions set up by the people had to be strictly enforced, as there was little education for the most part and emotions would easily flare up.  The authority of parents had to be put in very high regard and those who rebelled against parental rules were either severely punished or banished from the community permanently.  Those who returned when they repented of their actions were, of course, welcomed with love.

Slavery was a common cultural tradition in those times, but the rules about owning other human beings were well laid out.  Hebrew Laws were harsh and put into place to keep life peaceful.  The laws of today have been created for the societies of today.  There are many that are unjust; there are many decisions that are tainted with dishonesty, greed and hate; there are many that send people into places of confinement where they only learn to do more harm in more efficient ways.  Laws and punishments are far from perfect and they will always be so until humanity has evolved into a race of beings living as communicants with the Love from which they have been created.

Can murderers, rapists, abusers, thieves, etc. be placed into institutions where they can be taught right ways to live, with love and responsibility?  This is the dedicated projection of the Spiritual Realm that it might some day come about, but the fact remains that if prisoners have shut off their inner conscience and wisdom, refusing to listen and/or act according to that guidance, the time and money spent on such rehabilitation would be wasted.  Such spirits, after their physical death, often remain in the third dimension, trying to influence those they contact to continue their own evil actions in someone else’s life.  It may take hundred of years for such spirits to finally acknowledge that their time on Planet Earth is finished and return to their own place in the Spiritual realm, for they have at least the inner awareness that there must be retribution on a higher level.  If and when these spirits realize there must be restitution to be made, the returning spirit will be welcomed and helped to understand his or her errors, setting up new lifetimes in which the errors may be cleansed from the soul  Yes, that is one of the situations that you conceive of as  ghostly apparitions as they try to control human minds and emotions.  Many other remaining spirits simply want to stay with their loved ones, creating no harm, and do not try to control living human beings.

Now then, try not to be overly concerned that executing a rightfully-convicted murderer is against the Laws of God.  Putting such a person in prison for life does not rightfully punish for the act, and only makes it more difficult for other prisoners who must interact with him.  However, if that is the decision of the Courts, it should be an imprisonment that cannot be changed to let the killer go back into society.  From the universal point of view, this is a “bad apple” in humanity that should not be allowed to be let loose upon any society.

The electric chair is a terrible way to legally kill a person.  It is, and always has been, the way to inflict revenge upon the killer.  Cutting the hand of one who steals a loaf of bread is not considered a proper punishment in most societies.  Remember, no action goes without being observed by the Universal Creative Energy you call God.  No evil action ever goes unpunished – in this life, in the Spiritual Kingdom, or in another lifetime. “What goes around, comes around again” is very true.

(Question by Ruth:  As long as we are on this subject, please give the view of the Master Teachers regarding abortion.  This controversy has blossomed into a political and religious war in part parts of the world.)

Answer:  The real question here lies within the confines of religious doctrine.  Primitive tribes think nothing of terminating a pregnancy with the right herbs; they knew when too many children can hurt the welfare of their small society, when confined to a small area. With the promiscuity raging in”civilized” nations today, the reasons for abortions are many and divergent.  Teenage girls giving birth to unwanted children, without a father to guide, protect and make a living for a new family, go out of their way to find a way to get rid of the fetus.  Women who have been raped and then found themselves pregnant, beg to be allowed to abort the unwanted fetus.

The religious concept is that abortion is killing a new soul, which comes into being at the moment of conception.  That is simply not true.  Souls are created in the Spiritual realm, not in the body of a  human being.  When birth is imminent, the soul who has chosen to inhabit the new baby will enter into the fetus and experience the birthing process..  Even if the soul is in residence when some unknown physical problem contributes to the death of the newborn, the soul is not killed or injured; it simply goes back into the Spiritual Realm to find another baby about to be born that sets up the lifetime situation it has created for the learning process.  Many times the soul will simply pull back a time for another egg to be fertilized within the same mother so it may be born into that family. When there has been the decision to abort for any reason, the inbound soul is very aware of this and cancels the “appointment”  to enter that fetus.  No soul is injured or killed because of an abortion.

The most plausible situation in any country regarding unwanted babies is for special hospital areas to be set aside in which to legally safely take the fetus from the mother.  A fetus with a human child growing within is only a collection of cells, it is not alive in a conscious sense, despite the natural movements within the womb.  This is nature keeping the little body moving and growing.  Yes, the little body can hear and feel, and remember sensations and sounds, for that is the function of its developing brain, but any animal can do that.  The full experience of the child depends upon the eternal spirit that will enter into the mind, the heart, and every cell of the body.

If a child is born without an accompanying soul (which is extremely rare), it will only function at a basic physical level during its life.  Children that are born with mental defects that prevent them from learning or with serious physical defects DO have a soul!  That soul chooses to experience such a lifetime and, indeed, most of you already have, or will have, such an experience.  It is part of Soul Experience.

The parents of the new life forming have the choice and responsibility of continuing the pregnancy of a defective fetus, or not.  It is far more harmful to the new life to emerge into a world where it is not wanted, will not be taken care of or loved, starved for want of a sufficient  income by the parent(s), and not taught right from wrong at the appropriate time.  Unwanted street children roam cities like scavenging animals, trying to survive, forming little gangs in the attempt to have some kind of family.  Such children are at the mercy of the human marauders who seek them out..   Is this what people see or expect when they picket clinics where abortions are still being performed, and go so far as to murder the physicians?  Politics should not have anything to do with this, and it is sad that many men and women are thrown out of office because of their stand on this issue.   Seek your solution in your own heart, where you will find the right answer.


There could be no peaceful co-existence between human beings without respect for each other.  Where each person honors the life, the belief systems,  and the possessions of others, friendship and trust may abide.  Personal rights in your world are being trampled upon constantly; women are treated like animals, and worse.  Children are forced into slavery or used as sex objects.  Humanity’s greed knows no boundaries where there is profit to be made or more expensive toys to be obtained.  This is no news o you.  Let us make a short list of human rights:

1. THE RIGHT TO OBTAIN FOOD, WATER, AND SHELTER.  This includes the use of animal and vegetable food, on land or from the sea.  The food chain is established with human beings at the top.  Human beings do not have the right to cause undue pain or fright to any animal needed for food. Hunting as a sport or for the simple pleasure of killing is against Universal Law.  Life is a precious thing, to be respected and used as it was created to be. Many “primitive” people thank the animals when they are killed for food, honoring them for their lives.  All life has a form of consciousness and should be so honored.

2.  THE RIGHT AND RESPONSIBiLITY TO TAKE CARE OF THE BODY AS THE PERSON SEES FIT.  When medical help is needed, it is up to the individual or loved ones to see the proper care is given.  In many cases, however, medical procedures or drugs invade the body in ways that are detrimental to the body and mind of the patient.  The Creator placed upon the Earth all manner of plants and herbs that provide curative power for most diseases and injuries. Wisdom directs those who try to use them to the correct form of natural healing.  Pharmaceutical companies that advertise new drugs that seem to heal anything and everything are more concerned with money than healing.  Be very careful about this.

3. FREE WILL permits a person to put his or her body in jeopardy in order to experience a thrill, activating the mental ability to throw their systems into high rates of awareness, then strutting themselves for public approval of the feat.  In times of emergency, when it is necessary for the body to have high energy and extreme clarity of mind, the inner connection with universal power kicks in and the need is fulfilled.

CONTACT SPORTS leave many athletes with permanent injuries and shorten their lives.  Racing all kind of vehicles in order to be the fastest, the best,  to achieve fame, is a common vice.  The need to be better than someone else stems from the long-extinct primitive need to find food for self and/or family before someone else gets it. There is a time to learn to share, putting away the urgings of a selfish ego.

HUMANKIND HAS THE RIGHT TO HARM THEIR OWN BODIES, AS WELL AS TO TAKE CARE OF THEM. The sad part is that an injured body, in most cases, is not able to help the inner spiritual being fulfill the purpose for which the lifetime was given.  Every life experience provides a lesson for the soul, but specific purposes are important to the soul and humankind in general.  Every life is connected to every other life, in one way or another. Every thought, every action, creates a reaction in all life frequencies around the world!!  How one treats his/her own body and how that life is lived   determines the evolution of life upon this Planet Earth.


She has the right to determine when sex should occur and whether or not a child should be conceived.  Women today have ways of preventing conception, as they have had for centuries, in one way or another.  When they are not used, or because of forced sex, and a child is conceived that is not wanted for whatatever reason, the woman has the right to abort the fetus, but not if it has come near to full term.  Taking into consideration that the soul, the spiritual entity, does not enter the fetus of a child until it is ready to be born, and in some cases after birth, the fetus until that time is simply a physical growth in the body and not a real “person”.   It is understood that those who believe the soul enters at conception have a right to be concerned about abortion. This has become a social issue, but should not have become part of civil law.

4. THE RIGHT TO MOVEMENT UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.  As each successive century increased known land areas where human beings were able to live, hunt, and farm, so did the petty restrictions that humans placed upon themselves and others.  Boundaries were drawn up that were taboo to cross; tribal communities and laws marked living areas and limited the movement of their people.  Small communities eventually developed into countries, setting out restrictive borders and encompassing differences that evolved over years of separation from each other.  Different languages came into usage; cultural traditions were put into place.  Soon, the entire world was divided physically and spiritually, putting restrictions of many kinds upon human beings.

Incarnated human beings have the innate right to move, to explore, to travel across any and all boundaries.  The need to change, to find the right place for each individual is an inner urge that has had to be repressed in most people for social, financial, or political reasons.  Today, that right to movement is becoming more of a reality as more nations open their borders to all.  After the terrible world wars, and even the current and most recent conflicts, many borders have been opening to tourism, media reporting, and for people to return to homes long lost because of dangerous situations.  Some countries, like the United States, have had to control the numbers of people wanting to live in them because of the danger of over-population causing food and job shortages, lack of medical facilities and schools.  The Middle East has been closed down for some time, but, eventually, it too will become part of the open ports of the world as the fundamentalist attitude is eased.

The need for change in this century is becoming very strong, as the high frequencies now surrounding and becoming part of Planet Earth are renewing that inner need to travel and explore.  What humanity has been feeling as something new and sometimes unsettling is simply the inborn Right to Movement coming again to the surface.

5. THE RIGHT TO PERSONAL OWNERSHIP OF PHYSICAL POSSESSIONS, whether they be for necessity, for pleasure, for beauty, or anything that humanity has invented for its use, is Universal Law.  Theft of such possessions from another for personal profit or satisfaction of any kind is not condoned by the Creator.  Not only does this action (or even thought of such an action) kill the respect that one person should have for another, the trauma involved in any case upsets the lives of others and thus the life of the community.   Small petty thefts by children or young people set up in their minds a pattern of non-caring for others and places them into a lifetime of crime that always grows from small pilfering,  if parents or caregivers do not see and stop such activity at once. Simply observing the pain of any city that must employ and train large groups of law officers to prevent crime, catch the offenders and send them into court to receive proper punishments, creates a cloud of uneasiness in the everyday life of humanity.  In the future world to come, such activities will not be allowed and will result in instant banishment of a criminal.

It is also against Universal Law, in any part of the Universe, to become possessed by intense desires to acquire physical possessions and wealth to the extent of stealing from others, either outwardly or legally in many ways, in order to obtain more, and more.  Such power brings many people to buy the leadership of great and small nations, no matter what the cost to the population.  Simple misers who hoard their treasures in locked rooms or vaults cannot be compared to those whose power even drives them to fabricate reasons for useless and bloody wars in order to add to their wealth and power.  Great wealth should be an opportunity to share with others who need financial help, set up hospitals and schools, etc. where they are needed all over the world. There has always been the concept that great wealth will make a person happy, but that is never the case, for the decisions that go with such wealth and the constant accounting of money and property usually create stressful situations, unless it is handled properly and with conscience.

6. THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND EXPRESSION. Without this right, nothing would ever have been accomplished on Planet Earth!  Thought is the beginning point of creation, whether it be an idea, a social concept, or a communication with the Higher Intelligence of the Universe. Governmental regimes that have put down these rights among their people destroyed the normal flow of ideas and actions, restricting knowledge and human intelligence beyond hope of advancement of any kind for sometimes generations to come.  Because of international communication that has become commonplace in your world, it is no longer possible to hide these things from other nations and such leadership is fast becoming impossible to maintain for very long.

The backyard part of this is that people who wish to advertise their own ambitions or dark thoughts/beliefs use this right to deluge society with immoral publications and movies, etc, etc.  Society’s laws give them the right to do that without laying down any guidelines as to the restriction of negative elements in the material.  Here again, there are the choices; the choice to think and act as one believes is appropriate.  The choice is also what to read/see that which is appropriate for the individual and his/her family.

7. THE RIGHT TO BELIEVE AND WORSHIP THE CREATIVE ELEMENT IN THE UNIVERSE IN ANY WAY THAT THE INNER URGE TO DO SO BRINGS FORTH. All men and women have sought ways to acknowledge and/or worship the higher intelligence they know exists around them all of the time. Primitive societies assign god-status to those forces in nature that they cannot control, but hope to find some way to control through offerings or sacrifices. The intellect of the human being has evolved through the centuries just as the body has acquired more sensitivity according to the needs of the time.  when there was finally the realization that there could be only One Creator of All Things, contemporary religions were born.  The Creator was defined in many ways, but acknowledgment of this Truth was, and is, the pathway to higher intelligence.  Humanity has a way of using religion as a controlling factor in the lives of their believers, for one reason or another.  Today this control is becoming all too apparent, and is being recognized as such.  New forms of worship and truths are being found and created every day, it seems. Knowledge given to intelligent men and women of their times centuries ago has been released by their guardians or discovered hidden away; many years have already been put into translating and studying these sources.  Even in countries where religion was not allowed during exploitive regimes, men and women covertly held this knowledge close to their hearts, meeting together in secret and passing down their knowledge and beliefs to their children. The right to acknowledge and worship the Creator is fundamental and cannot be erased from the mind, even when brain-washing seeks to do so.

Of all the Universal Rights pertaining to sentient species, FREE WILL is the most important!

The Creator saw that without this gift, no species would ever develop by themselves.  If the creatures were simply put into place and then ruled by immutable laws in every step of their way, nothing would ever be learned; progress would be impossible.  In order for them to learn right from wrong, positive from negative, there also had to be placed into the spiritual ethers around each world a negative force to set up a duality of choice.  And so it remains today.  This is the crux of all human endeavors; to make choices in their lifetimes that will enable them to walk their chosen paths with the help of their inner spiritual guidance.  Negative forces abound that create other urges and the choice must be made.  Temptation has been in important word in many religions and does represent that negative force.  Free Will is what life is all about, the freedom of choice in every way.


The reality of polarity in your time has been proven over and over through higher mathematics and is no longer only in the realm of quantified thought. Positive and negative frequencies are necessary in all respects in order to form thought or matter at the point of the neutral contact between them both.

More important in the lives of humanity are the positive and negative elements swirling about them all the time.  There has to be the negative element present in order to have a goal to fulfill, a good act as showing the opposite to a bad act, the negative temptations or guilty thoughts to be overcome by positive thinking and actions.  There absolutely cannot be progress in human evolution without this polarity.  Polarity has been expressed in many ways over the thousands of years that humankind has existed on this planet.  Monsters of every kind lurking behind the rocks, gods that hurl terrible storms at those who do not worship them, the Devil (many names and many kinds), anything that presents a hurdle that must be conquered, a fear that has to be denied. Some religions go so far as to deny the presence of a negative force, relying upon their own creative thoughts and beliefs to keep them in a stable position. This can only go so far, because in the end they cannot progress in spiritual intelligence or human evolution without having to overcome the obstacles that life has in strore.

This is what a lifetime in this dimension is all about – experiencing the obstacles and learning how to overcome them.

Otherwise, there would be no point to it all!

By: Ruth Ryden
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