Master Hilarion

14731104927847The Master Hilarion (H) is already very well known in the Christian world as Paul of Tarsus or St Paul, the author of a large part of the New Testament. In more modern times he has also been responsible for a small treatise well received in esoteric circles — Light on the Path. He is also the Master stimulating all psychic research groups, and it was through him and his pupils that the Spiritualistic Movement was initiated.

Master H assists those endeavouring to develop the intuition, and also those trying to penetrate the etheric web in order to serve their fellow men. He will, however, not be concerned with those purely interested in psychic phenomena for the sake of sensation and its emotional effects. Neither will he help those who seek material or selfish advantage by contacting the astral images of those who have passed over — these individuals are literally playing with fire! He will, however, assist psychics of higher order, who seek to develop their faculties on behalf of their group or the world at large, to obtain those messages and pictures from the etheric world that will serve some constructive purpose. Such contacts with those on higher etheric levels may actually prove of considerable benefit to mankind, and will certainly contribute to dissipating the fear of death.

Master Hilarion is also relieving the Master Jesus by taking over the training of many of the Sixth Ray disciples, thus enabling Master J to concentrate on his major work concerned with world religion.

Master H works with the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science. In physical form he has a Cretan body, although much of his time is also spent in Egypt and America, where several aspects of his work are focused. A Master may avail himself of a physical cloak for particular purposes or ready contact with his disciples, but his influence will certainly not remain limited to the geographic region where he normally operates in his assumed body. Although he works through this visible and tangible channel, he may, whenever required, instantly transfer both his abstract mind and his vehicle of expression, through etheric channels, to function immediately anywhere else in the world where his attention or presence may be needed. This is a procedure closely paralleling telepathic communication. Thus, although Master H might be physically focused in Egypt, he could be of instant assistance to a disciple or group, in whatever other country they might find themselves.

Master Hilarion is also responsible for inspiring many of the modern scientific ‘discoveries’ which are making science and mankind aware of the etheric worlds. The veils which for aeons have obscured the vision of many outstanding thinkers and scientists are now at long last rapidly being torn away, thus opening up vast new fields of investigation.

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