Energy Report Update

astroscopeA sunspot has developed on the sun. The sunspot itself is the size of planet Earth! It’s massive! It is directly facing Earth, and it is spewing beta-gamma energy frequencies towards the planet now. This could result in an M Class Solar Flare, but even if it doesn’t the gamma frequencies are still being felt by the energy sensitives.

  • Headaches
  • Floaty – feeling ungrounded
  • Visions (Clairvoyance)
  • Downloads~ high pitched ear ringing (Clairaudience)
  • High energy – then long periods of rest.
  • Creativity and creative expression hightened.
  • Third Eye throbbing
  • Crown Chakra tingling/tightness
  • Body Aches as the body detoxes toxic emotions and environmental toxins.
  • Emotions all over the place as densities rise up for clearing, healing, releasing.
  • Higher perspectives are gained through introspection.
  • Heart palpitations can be felt as the heart’s electromagnetic field expands into connectedness of the 3rd Eye and Crown, connecting higher heart and higher self.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 23rd is STILL being felt with astrological influences adding to the heavy emotional feelings tied to past baggage surfacing. The shadow self is beckoning the attention of many.

There are many who are just losing their shit right now, as they are not able to process the Energies that are coming into the planet. And are really clueless as to what is transpiring from an energetic standpoint within their bodies. For those who live a low vibrational negative existence, these energies will really have a profound affect on the mind, body, spirit disconnection to bring this to full attention. Fighting against the flow only brings more lack, and more of the same of what is not wanted!

Through these major energy waves it is being made clear that past, present, future are one. Therefore, each is manifesting their realities much quicker than ever before. It is so important to remain ever cognizant of your self talk, as it is a conversation with the Universal energies and Laws. We get back exactly what we put out… almost instantaneously now! Be present, be in your here and now, and always pay attention to the signs you are being given.

Your Guardian Angels, the Archangels, and your Spirit Guides are here to guide you, love you, protect you and always show you the next steps to take….if you pay attention to the subtle signs they give. When we see our connection to all that is, that is when we begin to realize our I AM power and Divinity in the whole, larger picture here. It’s not just about us on an individual level, for all we do has a profound rippling effect on the entire collective consciousness!

As always, feel the love in your heart and ground this into your BE-ing, and then share it with the world. You are the pebble that causes the ripple in the collective consciousness. This creates the 100th Monkey Affect. As you do, others do. You, me, we, are the example.

Shine On Beautiful Souls!

I love you!

Love, Light and Divine Blessings on your continued journey,
~Tiffany Stiles

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