Navigating July Energies

spiral starAfter months of intensity, you may feel like you need a long vacation and regrouping at this midpoint of the year. To be sure, the unusual has morphed into the usual and what before had been unthinkable is showing up with regularity. In this article I’ll give a higher perspective of what’s really going on and some key energy cycles you will want to know about in order to fully tap your power to create your best life.

General Background

A peek these days into any family’s living room, company lunchroom, or communal gathering place reveals an abundant display of emotions as people discuss issues of the day. This is the case even with people who don’t typically respond with emotion. The feelings may be communicated with words, silence, or actions – they are there all the same and quite often amplified. If you are sensitive and walk into a space with this dance of emotions in play, it can be quite palpable.

Why all the emotion and why seemingly all of a sudden are so many people angry in a very public way?

The first and most obvious reason is a general feeling of uncertainty,  dissatisfaction, disenfranchisement. Many people feel left out of society, angry that their rights and their future well-being is not being safeguarded by those in power.

As for the public airing of feelings, we are seeing more of this in part because of social media. Some people who previously only expressed feelings 1-on-1 are now turning to social media to express how they feel and think. Given this trend, people now can tune into a global pulse of society – people in London instantly knowing how people in Lisbon or Los Angeles feel and think about things.

Because of the current planetary energies, amplified feelings and a general state of unrest are going to be part of our daily experience for a while. Continue reading for more specifics and some simple things you can do to find your center and create new openings in your life.

Navigating July Twists and Turns

As we begin July, some harsh energies involving Mars and Pluto could stir lots of emotional undercurrents and lead to outbursts or meltdowns. By the time of the July 8-9 Full Moon, too, it will be helpful to stay present and in your heart as you and others around you move through a rebirth passageway catalyzed by the volatile energies.

These are excellent moments to inquire within about what you really want to be creating – and who you want to create it with. The more self-honesty you can bring to this inquiry process, the more powerful rebirth you can have. Don’t hold back or set limits based on what you did before or what someone else said you could do.

As a divine changemaker, you are in the driver’s seat of your own changes.

Regardless of what is happening in the world, remind yourself daily that you have a unique destiny and a significant contribution to make to this world. Do not let disturbing outer world events stop you from taking actions that help you manifest your dreams.

By the time of the July 23 New Moon, you will have more opportunities for a potent rebirth and connecting with your passion. You want to tap that passion to create in new ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes. The only real mistakes are the ones involved with inaction at important gateways of opportunity.

From a big picture perspective, consider that July is a month with vast potentials for healing and leaving behind antiquated ways of being. A good place to start is clearing of dysfunctional patterns housed in your DNA akashic records.

Use the energies of July to help you get your bearings and tap into some fresh approaches. This combination can help you to elevate your life expression above the mundane and into a quantum array of potentials.

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