HeavenLetters: A Fairy Tale of Untold Dreams

heavenlettersIt can be said that every day is a Holy Day. Every day is a gift and a breakthrough. Every day is fresh and new, and so shall you be fresh and new. Whatever Life brings, you progress. No matter what you may think at a given moment, you are stepping into the light fantastic. You are dancing on the stars. Life is not old hat. No two days are the same. Nevertheless, you may have desired days to be the same until you desire that something new will happen.

What you want and what you go for are meant to be the same. Your questioning is not. No longer ask: “Must I be quick or must I be cautious?” It is not necessary for you to be either. At the same time, a step waits for you to take it.

Begin where you are. Keep your eye on the skies. The moment comes when you dive into Life and do something you may have never done before, even something you would never have dreamed of being part of, and, yet, here you are. If you are given a beautiful medal, and it wasn’t a mistake. Could it have been ordained, or was it catch-as-catch-can? How did you possibly get here where you are today? Unbelievable, yet, in this world, it is true. You are somewhere called here.

An adventure is new. If you knew everything ahead of time, where could adventure be? Of course, an adventure starts out new. There is a lot to be said for paddling your own canoe.

Beloveds, say Yes to Life more, and No to Life less. Say No to locked doors. Say Yes to open doors. There is no need to slam doors ever. Open doors more often, OR, better yet, leave your doors open and don’t lock them again.

Avail yourself of opportunity. Listen to your heart. Let your Truth be known to you. Your mentor is yourself. It is you who moves yourself forward. You are the spur to your Life. Momentum wells up from within you. Even when impetus comes from outside you, you called it to you.

Oh, for the Life of a Sailor. Go ahead, go off the trodden path and see what happens next.

On the other hand, you may be someone who likes to stay home knitting. A seeming sequestered adventure is also an adventure. An adventure in one room is still an adventure.

No matter what, you are an adventurer. Even if you are bored, Life takes its own course and whirls you around. Neither the Mighty nor the timid knows what tomorrow brings.

This brings up the laidback idea of enjoying the Moment that brings rain or shine. Be wide-eyed and welcome this Very Moment, for it is splendidly new. Even striving is splendid. Recognize Good Fortune whatever disguise it wears.

Sometimes your Life feels like your Life, and sometimes your Life feels like a stranger to you. In any case, you are on the edge. On the edge of what? On the edge of Discovery.

Sometimes you may wonder whether Life is all pot luck. Sometimes it sure seems to be, yet how can this be? Other times your Life is magical as it unfolds. Sometimes it must be that you live in a Fairy Tale of Untold Dreams.

And sometimes Life seems to be a sure thing. The thing is that sometimes you are aware of living two lives, the seeming Life on Earth and the near yet far Life beyond borders. Call this Eternal Life. Call it what you will. Your Life is yours regardless of anything. Life is never withdrawn from you, nor can it ever be. Life is as it is. This is guaranteed. No exceptions.

As you look back, your Life began in the beginning days. Now your Life begins in this and every moment. Hail to Life!

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