Planetary Illuminations For July 2017

astroscopeThe major planetary influences that have created so much stress and tension have moved away from their tight configurations so unless your personal chart is affected by one of the powerful planets this month should be less intense overall.  We have mostly quick cycles involving the faster moving planets.

The high degree of unease and uncertainty in the world comes as the result of the destabilization from the outer planet cycles that began in 2008 and unfortunately will not disappear just because the planets are quieter this month. But on a personal level the lack of planetary intensity will help us to find greater internal balance to help us to make the shifts required to adjust to the new realities.

Chiron, planet of wounding and healing, turns retrograde on July 1st and will be virtually stationary until September.  When a planet appears to stand still in the sky, its influence can be more powerful especially if that planet is affecting your personal chart.  In its role of soul healer Chiron tends to encourage us to face our inner demons so that they can be released and we can heal our emotional and psychic wounds that hold energy and which can keep us trapped.  In doing so, Chiron helps us to energize the spiritual centers that can be blocked by emotional distress.

Neptune turned retrograde last month and is still moving very slowly.  You can read more about Neptune’s retrograde travels here.  The combination of Chiron and Neptune can be a potent inspiration for deepening a connection to spirit.  Chiron helps to release soul wounds that bind us to the physical world, and Neptune encourages us to surrender our attachments and lose ourselves in the bliss of divine oneness.  The challenges of this planetary combination include confusion and the emotional pain that comes from identification with the tragedies of our lives and an unwillingness to let go so watch for this over the next month or two.

JULY DETAILS  (see the bottom of this email for a detailed list of planetary movements)

As July begins, we have a few days between the 1st and the 3rd of mental intensity and potential conflicts.  This is no time to be a shrinking violet: It is a time for speaking one’s truth and establishing good boundaries to protect and empower yourself.  The period between the 1st and the 10th also brings a challenge to our desire to take care of ourselves.  Any issues we have around food and the nurturing of our physical bodies could arise now so there is an opportunity to improve our relationship to food and pleasure.

The 3rd brings a day of pleasant interpersonal contacts.  Venus leaves stable Taurus for chatty Gemini on the 4th – prepare to meet new people and perhaps you will find yourself a bit more social than usual for the next few weeks.  The 4th also brings a somewhat challenging aspect of rebellion and arguments.  You may be a bit more reckless on the 4th and 5th so be a little more conscious and careful than usual.

The 5th is a very busy day of smaller and generally positive planetary influences. Mercury enters cheerful Leo that day and it will become easier to see your life in a positive light. You may feel so confident on the 5th and 6th that you overestimate your abilities but this is not always a bad thing and can push you beyond what you think you can do.

The 7th is favorable for negotiations and important discussions. There is generally more understanding and better communication on this day.

The Full Moon on the 9th is in Capricorn, the sign of achievement and mastery. All Full Moons require a balance between two opposite polarities: in this case we have the duality of the material world and personal achievement (Capricorn) which needs to be balanced between the emotionality and focus on the interior world of the Cancerian Sun.  This Full Moon will be particularly intense emotionally as Pluto is involved, forcing us to let go and surrender the bits of personality that are no longer needed in order to continue to grow. Mars is also involved, supercharging the lunar influence even more.  The influence of this Full Moon will begin around the 6th, peak around the 8-10th and begin to fade by the 11th.

The period between July 13th and 16th are very positive for communication as well as formulating ideas, plans and goals.  However, the 16th and 17th are difficult days.  Confusion reigns and we are prone to recklessness and frustration – not a good combination.  Please be more focused and present during that period. The 18th and 19th will be much more harmonious and bring back a sense of stability and equilibrium.

The period around the New Moon (July 20-24th) are somewhat challenging for interactions with others as our personal needs take precedence.  Mars will move into Leo on the 20th and the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd with the Leo New Moon on the 23rd, and the Cancerian focus on family and feelings will give way to a more celebratory approach to life.

Leo is symbolized by the Divine Child – ruled by the Sun, Leo encourages us to develop a healthy sense of Self.  There is a triple blast of Leo sunshine with Sun, Moon and Mars all at the very beginning of Leo where it is at its most potent.  This is a time to focus on personal development and think about what will make you most happy.  An air of excitement and enthusiasm at this time that can help open your mind to greater possibilities.

This highly charged atmosphere will settle down on the 25th when Mercury moves into Virgo on the 25th.  For the next few weeks it will be easier to create order and plans.  I always find Mercury in Virgo periods excellent for helping me organize and manage my life more effectively.

The 26th helps to energize us for a day or two, and the 27th may bring someone into our life who will have a profound affect on our future.  The 30th may bring up issues from the past with someone significant in your life, perhaps a painful memory or pattern that needs to be released.  This is overall not a great day for our interpersonal connections, but by the 31st when Venus enters the family-oriented sign of Cancer we will likely be able to move through any lingering difficulties.

As always, if you would like to explore how these influences affect your own chart and life, consider scheduling a personal consultation with me.

I hope you have a wonderful June!!

peace and best wishes,


PLANETARY CALENDAR (dates and times are Eastern time zone. I am now including a few select asteroids and the Nodes)

  • 7/1 Chiron turns retrograde
  • 7/2 Mars opposite Pluto
  • 7/3 Venus sextile Chiron
  • 7/4 Venus enters Gemini; Mercury square Uranus
  • 7/5 Mercury trine Chiron, Mercury enters Leo, Sun trine Neptune, Sun square Jupiter
  • 7/7 Mercury sextile Venus, Chiron square Ceres
  • 7/9 Full Moon 17 Capricorn 12:06 am
  • 7/10 Sun opposite Pluto, Ceres enters Cancer
  • 7/14 Mercury sextile Jupiter
  • 7/16 Mercury trine Black Moon Lilith
  • 7/17 Venus square Neptune, Mars square Uranus
  • 7/18 Mars trine Chiron, Venus trine Jupiter
  • 7/19 Mercury trine Saturn
  • 7/20 Mars enters Leo,Venus opposite Black Moon Lilith, Sun square Uranus
  • 7/21 Sun trine Chiron
  • 7/22 Mercury conjunct North Node, Sun enters Leo
  • 7/23 New Moon 0 Leo 5:46 am
  • 7/24 Venus opposite Saturn, Mercury trine Uranus
  • 7/25 Mercury enters Virgo
  • 7/26 Sun conjunct Mars
  • 7/27 Venus sextile North Node
  • 7/30 Venus square Chiron, Venus sextile Uranus
  • 7/31 Venus enters Cancer

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