God’s Message: The Royal Truth

godmessages“To thine own Self be true.”

Ah, you would love to be True to thine so-called Own Self, and I would love you to be True to your Royal Self, so why don’t you live this in fact? The bare answer might be that I know Who you are while you have not as yet caught on to Who you are. This is true so far as it goes, yet running at the same time on a deeper hidden level, you do know. You do, and you don’t, and yet you do. I guarantee that you do. You will recognize yourself as sure as rain.

Perhaps, if, in Life, you had not been told things like: “Don’t be foolish,” you might have accepted the Truth of Life long ago, and the whole world would be different.

Heretofore, you simply may not have been able to see. Perhaps you have too much sunlight in your eyes. Perhaps the Sun is too blinding, or, perhaps, your Inner Light is shaded over, as if you are safer in darkness than you are in Light. Perhaps you tremble at the possibilities that might fall your way. You might think you prefer to be a wanderer than to settle down. You are not so sure that you are ready and willing to say Yes to your Greatness. Your take on Facing Life carries a connotation of discomfort.

What if you go for your Greatness and still not be worthy of it, where would you turn then? Or not following through on Greatness for any reason or for none?

Along with privilege comes responsibility. You were not looking for more responsibility.

Of course, I could ask you: What kind of responsibility can it be for you to sit down at a feast? All I ask is that you sit down with Me. I am offering you the Keys to the Kingdom. Are you really going to let your heart continue to wander while you claim to be oblivious?

What comes after Full Discovery, you wonder. Maybe nothing. You want to ensure that you are not a fool. You may fear being a fool more than you want to discover True Reality. You want to put off Truth so as to ensure you cannot fail and wind up heartbroken.

There is no way you can fail. All you have to do is to give Me your hand. I will take your hand and the treasures prove.

You are thirsty, and yet you refuse the water I offer you. You may want a ride, yet, from some kind of false modesty, you put off a ride with Me.

I offer you a Grand Opportunity, and you demure. Perhaps you say, “Later.” Perhaps you say, “Next time,” and then you drop the subject.

Life is not delinquent. Life is not behind the times. You are. You put off. You put off perhaps as a matter of principle. You can find any number of reasons. Life is not to be put off. Life is like a loaf of fresh bread. Just bite into it. There is no need to butter the bread or let it bake longer. Bite into the Bread of Life or twist off a hunk right now. There is nothing to debate about. The Bread is baked. It is still warm from the oven. The time has come for you to give up all your dancing around the Maypole and take a stand.

Say: “By God, I will take Your Hand. I will accept the Treasure You offer me. You bet on me, why in God’s Name would I hesitate to accept all that you offer me? How big a fool am I anyway?”

Look, We already have a contract. No further dissembling is required. No further excuses why you hesitate to join with Me. For Heaven’s sakes, jump in. Put a halt to all meandering. Say to Me Who art your very Self:

“Yes, God, as You wish. I am here to keep You company. Once and for all, here I am for You. Thy Will be done, for Your Will and mine exist as One.”

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