God’s Message: Be a Movable Star

godmessagesYou love a mystery. This is why you, My Children, may squint your eyes and look for clues in Life as you go along. You may say you would love to know ahead of time all that will happen in this Lifetime, yet the Truth is that you wouldn’t. If Truth be told, you thrive on not knowing. You are in the thrall of suspense. You may rail against not knowing all you want to know, yet you love not knowing. If all of relative Life were known to you, you might well be ho-hum about it.

Heaven knows, you don’t want to risk boredom at any cost. Certainly, you may well not relish all that occurs, yet you really don’t look for constant predictable happy endings. You would soon get fed up with that. What? No excitement? No contrast? You like to take a winding road. You even like impediments to smooth sailing. If you didn’t have challenges in Life, wherein hangs the tale?

Of course, this doesn’t mean you welcome every twist in the road and what is left in its wake. The thing is that you love a mystery. You love to gamble. You don’t value a sure thing as you might have thought you would. You value more not knowing when or what is going to occur. You favor a risk more than you favor no surprises as all. Without risk, what could come out of the blue?

You say you would love to know when your Prince will come, yet that is just talk. You love to live in suspense. Will your Prince appear? When? How? You want to be swept off your feet. You don’t want to know when or how your Prince will come as a fact. You don’t want to know what he will look like and what he says to you and all that ahead of time.

You may profess that you would like to know for certain when it will rain. Underneath it all, you like to venture forth and have the adventure of being caught in the rain.

Sometimes you may imagine that you would like to foretell and forestall the end of your bodily Life. However, then the moment of death might become your lodestar, hanging over you even more than it does now.

Nor do you really and truly want to know the manner of your death. Perhaps it is better for the Myth of Death to catch you by surprise. You believe in a fictitious branch of time, in this case, most likely not a moment you look forward to. How you feel is how you apportion Life to you according to how you think or imagine or believe you must. What leads you to believe you are a Seer? Seers aren’t likely to be so resistant and presupposed as you. Keep looking.

How you grow has a parallel to how your thinking changes. Perhaps you have the idea that holding on to certainty is strength. Of course, you may have firm principles. It can also be – don’t be offended –that you are mule-headed.

Flex your mind and grow. Make room for your mind to grow. Change your mind. Let your mind be supple and not so locked down. Your heart too.

Look at being alive more as though you are a jewelry-maker. Of course, you can make one style of jewelry your whole life long. Of course, you can bend and flex with styles you never saw before. It’s okay for Life to be a discovery on top of discovery. Give bending a try.

Perhaps you want to be an explorer and discover not only what you had in mind to discover but also the unexpected as well.

Perhaps you don’t want to be an old dog who can’t learn new tricks.

Perhaps, given a chance, you might be glad for Life as it is to reveal itself to you at the very moment it occurs, so that you, My Dears, can wake yourselves up to something new.

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