Mars and the Sun visits Leo

astrology7 eraoflightMars visits Leo- 20 July 2017- 8.19 am EDT to 05 Sept 2017- 5.35 am EDT

I believe we are in for a wild ride in August and it begins today. Hope everyone likes roller coasters. Leo is one of the signs Mars loves to visit. Mars is the planet of motivation, drive, desire, and life force energy. Leo is the sign of optimism, ambition, creativity, and self-esteem. Mars here can really support us to discover the courage and strength to live our authentic life with passion. He motivates us to be centered in our Compassionate Heart and express Loving Kindness toward all things. So far so good.

The shadow side of Mars in Leo is to be arrogant, overbearing, pretentious, and ego centered. Surprisingly if Leo is not heart centered the ego is very fragile even if it pretends to be dominant. Mars is also the planet that expresses anger and rage if it is challenged by trying to control its need for ego power. Leo is also a sign that needs to feel powerful and in control. It needs to shine and be acknowledged. So we have a double whammy. It will be very important to be aware when you are feeling reactive to certain situations and allowing anger to be your protection. Yes anger is a protection against vulnerability. But to have an awakened heart we need to be open to others with empathy and compassion.
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We are in Eclipse Season and Mars is an important player at both the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) of Aug 07 and the Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon) of Aug 21. He is also a major influence at our first Leo New Moon of July 23. (There are two Leo New Moons this Moon cycle, the second being the total Eclipse on Aug 21). So it is important to embrace the positive gifts from Mars in Leo. Motivation to work with Creation Energy to manifest your hopes and dreams. Since the Sun enters Leo July 22 the Animal Totems and spirit guides for Mars in Leo are the same. We will describe them with the Sun’s journey through the sign it rules.

Sun visits Leo- 22 July 2017- 11.15 am EDT to 22 Aug 2017- 6.20 pm EDT- If you live in Eastern Australia the Sun enters Leo on July 23 at 1.15 am AEST to Aug 23- 8.20 am AEST.

Wherever you find planets in Leo in your natal chart (or the House Leo rules) is where you want to shine like the Sun. And this Sun in Leo journey is supporting you to do that. Leo is found on the Tarot Constellation of Strength, the principle of Courage and Self-Esteem. The theme is Courage of your Convictions and discovering your Inner Strength. The companion sign to Leo is Aquarius also found on this Constellation. While the Sun visits Leo the astrological Earth is in Aquarius. Aquarius is the Courage to be Yourself and Connecting to the Guidance from Source. That is the courage to be your Divine Self and letting go of the false self ego needs to create. Your Divine Self is “pure positive energy” and limitless. Leo is the 8th month in the Astrological year. When you turn the number 8 on its side it is the infinity symbol.
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The Sun and the sign of Leo rule the human heart, physically and spiritually. Together (and along with Mars in Leo) they are asking us to become centered in our compassionate hearts and express Loving Kindness to others and especially ourselves. If our ego is too dominant it will beat us up for not “being good enough”. This theme was actually activated when Mercury (our thoughts and perceptions) first entered Leo (the compassionate heart or the ego) on July 05/06. Mercury is the transmitter of information from spirit if we are open to hearing the messages. (Mercury will be in Leo until July 25/26 when he then enters Virgo and points us to the Rainbow Bridge of Healing into Wholeness. Mercury will be retrograde (looking within) in Virgo beginning Aug 12/13 and he too will be an important influence at the Total Solar Eclipse of Aug 21. While in Virgo his Animal Totem guide is Brown Bear, introspection and healing. We will write more about the Mercury in Virgo journey in future posts).

In the Northern Hemisphere while the Sun visits Leo it is The Ripening Time with Salmon, strength, determination, and perseverance to create the new, as our guide. Leo is Creation Energy. For the Earth in Aquarius our guide is Otter, curiosity, companionship, and Joyful Sharing. We are in the ripe, proud summer. For the Southern Hemisphere this is your Rest and Cleansing Time. Your Totem guide for the Sun in Leo is Otter, and for the Earth in Aquarius it is Salmon. The Animal Totems are reversed. For all of us the Clan Mother who guide us is She Who Heals, guardian of the Eternal Flame of Love, the mysteries of life and death, and rites of passage. She is the keeper of serving the truth. She also is guardian of the healing plants and healing arts. You can call on her to support your own healing whatever that is. For more of her story read the 13 Original Clan Mothers or/and Earth Medicine both by Jamie Sams.
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We mentioned earlier Leo (and Aquarius) are active on the Tarot Constellation of Strength. In the Ancient Wisdom Teachings (Alice Bailey) Leo and Aquarius are 5th Ray signs. That is the Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Healing. The theme of healing is very strong for this Sun and Mars in Leo journey. Focus on healing and releasing whatever prevents you from living your authentic heart centered life. You have much support and help from Creator and Great Mystery. The 5th Ray Archangels for this Sun and Mars journey through Leo are Raphael, the Shinning One who heals, and Mary, Divine Unconditional Love. Together they support us on the journey to being centered in the compassionate heart. Leo is also a First Ray sign, the Ray of Divine Will and Power. Love is the power. Archangels Michael, protector and spiritual destiny guide, and Faith, trust and belief in self are 1st Ray beings.

So maybe this will not be a Roller Coaster ride after all. But if it is enjoy the thrill of the ups and downs. Leo is the sign that loves fun and adventure and risk taking. And Mars wants to go along on the ride. And, by the way, Mars rules Uranus in Aries. Expect the unexpected (Uranus) and embrace opportunities for new inspired beginnings (Aries).

Blessings, Dale!

» Source – Author: Dale Osadchuk