New Moon Update 7/23/17

full moonDear Friends,

A good time to reflect on balance, your body, what has happened or is happening in your life and get as neutral as you can about it all. This is a day that you could either feel greatly empowered (and should) or you can feel beaten down by recent events and disempowered by something that has happened or current happening in your life. The key word is “empowerment” so see if you can become empowered in some way even with life’s challenges. What is the power to be harnessed in your current situation?

Use the energy of a reset, always available at the New Moon time, to turn this disempowered state into one of actively turning crisis into opportunity. On the other hand, if you are feeling greatly empowered by what you have managed to “do”, use this New Moon as an anchor point for gratitude, anchoring some new intentions and making a commitment to being seen in new and more powerful ways.



Astrological Notes:

Leo New Moon
Sun and Moon in Leo ~ 0º 44’

Sunday, July 23, 3:46 AM Mountain Daylight Time
(Sunday, July 23, 9:45 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

We are blessed with TWO New Moons in Leo.  One is now in the first degree of Leo and one in the last degree of Leo on August 21st.  That’s a lot of Leo; just the way Leo likes it!  This is BIG ENERGY as we enter the eclipse window bracketed by a lunar eclipse at next Full Moon, August 7 and the much awaited New Moon Total Solar eclipse on August 21 at 29º Leo traversing the good ole USA and visible from Oregon to South Carolina.

Opening season begins with The Sun itself moving from Moon-ruled Cancer to Sun-blessed Leo on Saturday, July 22 with 0º New Moon following in less than a day.  A Leo New Moon brings us in contact with our full radiance that emanates from our hearts. We are feeling our individual, sovereign selves to the fullest.  We want to be seen and appreciated for our magnificence and our generosity.  Creativity, expression, leadership, courage and joy are the codes that unlock the heart of Leo.  With this regal, fixed-fire power sign ruling the heart and the spine, draw down the power of the Sun’s rays into your heart to strengthen your vitality and enthusiasm and illuminate your self at your best.  Leo is known for stamina, loyalty, and possessing a strong will.  Their ruler, the Sun gives them access to the third chakra and decisive action, strong recuperative powers, and the ability to lead, and take the public stage (or the royal center), while Leo itself gives courage, trust worthiness, and dignity with optimism and a playful, dramatic, sometimes flamboyant nature.  Leo or the Leo part of you can have a tendency to take on too much work and get out of balance.  Let Leo give you the courage to step out, let out a loud roar to back up any obstructing energy and marking a clear boundary, then take that risk of loving yourself enough to aggressively go after your heart’s desire.  These are not the emotional waters of Cancer or the mental arenas of Virgo; this is the instinctual power of the King of Beasts

Mars has also just entered Leo; Mercury’s there too.  New Moon is significant for impassioned Mars riding within 1º of the Sun and Moon conjunction!  That’s hot.  But, actually when Mars is so close to the Sun, it is made invisible and actually weakened by this proximity.  Mars stays in the shadow of the Sun’s brilliance until early September, so we can expect a burst of energy then as Mars asserts independence at that time.  Nonetheless, Mars gives the courage to vanquish the fears that arise as we tread new, uncharted waters and the energy and passion to make changes.  Expect fear and excitement to be mingled as you let go of the old when you remodel, reconstruct, revamp your way of being in the world.  And that’s what this LEO period is demanding of us all.  The coming Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius is about tear it down, move on, relinquish your attachments to the way it has been.  Use it! Prepare for it! You know what’s not working in your life.

This chart has a preponderance of masculine energy.  Mars is weakened.  Uranus in Aries squares the Sun-Moon-Mars trio ~ shift, change, awakening is afoot.  A square is a Crisis/Opportunity situation. We receive this Uranian influence from the deep cosmic intelligence beyond the thinking, rational mind.  .  Uranus has no qualms about letting the dragons of change loose on your life, perhaps because you can’t see how great it can be on the other side.  Chiron in Pisces is bringing in feminine intuition and wholistic healing energy to bring us back into balance in its aspect of grace toward masculine Leo Sun, Moon, Mars.  What’s being shattered?  What’s being healed in the next month as we enter this sacred portal of change and reset during the eclipse cycle?

Eclipses are created by the Nodes ~ North and South that describe the point of intersection of the paths of the Sun, Moon and Earth.  When twice a year, we get a solar and lunar pair of eclipses, we know that the Earth is aligned precisely with the Sun and Moon.  We have only recently (May, 2017) entered the eighteen-month period of the North Node being in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius.  A powerful new trajectory of growth (North Node) and release (South Node) is unfolding in the next month and will shape our 18 month journey of lessons coming from the Leo/Aquarius axis:  asserting our individuality from the mainstream, releasing our masks covering the authentic heart-felt self, letting ourselves be used as vessels for our divine essence and our purpose in this lifetime, radiating our confidence and delight in our power to create a magnificent life, courageously standing up for the kingdom and community we want to live in, releasing our inner child to play, create, express, and becoming champions of love and awakening.

The asteroid goddess influence is significant.  Pallas Athena (our creative intelligence and strategist), Vesta (our commitment to ourselves and our ideals) and Juno (our commitment to empowering partnership) are all aligned in the earth signs creating a Grand Trine to facilitate us all in bringing this powerful Leo energy down to the physical level to manifest it in abundance, relationship and the dance of true creative living.  Bless them all for their gifts of the feminine as background to this powerful masculine time.  Ceres in Cancer (our Nourisher, midwife, and Mother) supporting the Grant Trine to support us in our self worth as a feeling, loving being deeply caring for the Earth and all living, growing beings.

Heads up! Mercury in Virgo turns retrograde in the middle of the eclipse window on August 12.  August appears to be THE major portal of shift and change for the year with Mercury, Saturn and Uranus all changing direction (that intensifies their energy and influences) plus two eclipses.  Our security-needing habitual selves will feel the impact of letting more love and energy into our lives, but it’s clear, we have been preparing for this growth for many months.

All times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST)

  • 08/07 Lunar eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius 15º 12:11 PM
    Visible in Africa Asia, Middle East and Australia
  • 08/12 Mercury retrograde 11º Virgo until 9/5
  • 08/21 Solar eclipse/New Moon in Leo 29º 12:30 pm
    Visible across the USA Oregon to South Carolina

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