The Crystallizing Process of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba

dna activationSince the latest crop circle, “We are now in full progress of internal reconstruction occurring as a result of the crystallizing process of the Fifth Dimensional Merkaba.

The upcoming Lionsgate followed by August’s eclipse fully opens the Light Portals allowing the embedded DNA genetic coding’s to continue altering the energetic substance contained within the higher Fifth Dimensional frequency structure. The effects on the emotional, mental and physical energy fields will already have been felt by many at this time. The pace quickens as our journey continues.

Many have spent the five years since the Cosmic Moment of 21 December 2012 connecting and integrating with the telluric earth energies of numerous sacred and spiritual nodal points across the globe. Collectively, this has created a complex higher vibratory Sacred Geometric energetic body to attract and sustain higher frequency particle substance around the lower third dimensional body. This will create many transitory changes to the existing energy body system, the physical body experiencing extreme tiredness alongside dizziness, nausea, discharges, heat and pressure as the organs and cellular structures flex and attempt to compensate with higher vibratory spin. The emotional body too will experience extremes which will change moods daily from the highest heights of excitement to the lowest lows of depression. The mental body will lose track of time, concentration will move from being razor sharp to complete apathy and exhaustion.

The Sun’s latest activity has created geometric pathways to enable the cosmic flow of higher vibrational particles to penetrate and enter our atmosphere for absorption by our systems. Light codes have come streaming forth which are particularly beneficial for those practicing sun gazing. Unusual weather patterns will result from increased activity from our elemental brethren in an attempt to right the past wrongs of our abuse with natural patterns and cycles. Nature always wins, this is not the first planet where extreme abuse has taken place. The visual appearance of Sprites will also become more prevalent in our skies as they too show their energetic presence in transmuting cosmic particles and balancing a rapidly changing magnetosphere.

These effects create a harmonic resonance with the flow of higher vibration energies attracted to your focused intention which extend your range of frequencies and dramatically increase your ability to perceive a greater awareness of the frequency of energies beyond your own.

The original creation of the Third Dimensional Merkaba around the Adam Kadmon HU-man template holds in place physical constructs, identity roles and the 7 point chakra system of full spectrum visible light. A physical body designed to operate within a physical environment fully equipped with an Archon created EGO mind to ensure ongoing survival and basic instinctual needs being met. Perfect in design and perfect in executing the tasks of establishing unique choices of Self in a third Density realm. The third dimensional Merkaba was designed to allow a Service to Self individual to create a separated reality through personal experience of the creation process.

However, the energies required to maintain the individual Self have expanded to include the energies of other Selves and then reached out further to take full advantage of the symbiotic arrangement with the Planetary Being Gaia. Many individual Beings can no longer sustain themselves independently of Others and have become completely orientated towards maintaining Service to Self. Gaia will no longer support those who wish to remain within these lower orientation to self-formations.

The newly aligned Fifth Dimensional Merkaba allows you to perceive the experience of other energy fields around you, whilst still retaining an individualised viewpoint. As the spin of the Merkaba increases, your perception will expand to experience the collective consciousness of humanity and then beyond. It is important to learn to deal with your own emotional energies before you are ready to perceive others or the effects will become too overwhelming. There are many requirements for DNA changes to take place within the body to cope with the increased vibrational demands. Until this becomes an accepted part of you, much rest and individual detachment from the fields of others may be required until it becomes a natural process once again.

Increased acceptance of Higher Frequency Sacred Geometry Light Codes creates sympathetic resonance with embedded DNA to bring about expansion of the energetic fields around the HU-man template. This removes the orientation towards survival instincts of the Physical EGO Self and merges with the inner callings of the Higher Self to move towards Heart based consciousness. This process takes place from within.

As your Point of Perception shifts its position within the newly configuring Fifth Dimensional Merkaba, you experience the multi-dimensional feedback of your true nature, a dream-like state of possibilities. It is a feeling that the Universe is tuned into you in anticipation of your requirements, not so much you waiting to Become, but something that is waiting for YOU to just Be.

Find your centre once again amongst your expanded energy field. This is it, these are the changes you were waiting for. Accept and embrace them, you and your Higher Self are merging.

Welcome to the new Fifth Dimensional world YOU are creating around you.

With much Love and Blessings,

Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB

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