Archangel Michael: Magic and Miracles ARE created by YOU

archangel michael eraoflightDear Ones,

Notice where you are currently “positioned” on this beautiful spinning Blue/Green Orb!

Have you taken time to ponder where it is you are geographically? Where have you been in this lifetime and where do you currently find “yourself?”

From our vantage point we can see the Sacred Geometric Patterns formed by the LIGHT you radiate, and from where you radiate it.

Such incredible geometrics are illuminated by you Dear Hearts. Each and everyone of you, positioned in the perfect location. Some radiate stability from their vantage point and others are fluid, needing to add to specific points on the Globe at certain moments in time.

All in perfect alignment of course.

Dear Ones, have you ever questioned why you “chose” a certain Country, City or Town? You agreed before incarnating in this lifetime that you could best serve the Planet from your chosen location. It needed to be vastly diverse for the Light to integrate all over this spinning Globe. You always “knew” there was to be an awakening in this lifetime. You were encoded within the 11:11 wake up call? This has been something many of you have been aware of for many years of your time and it is still the call to those only just wiping the sleep from their eyes.

A MASTERPIECE in the making. All by agreement!!!

As the many changes continue to unfold on your New Earth many will once again re-locate to areas in need of specific LIGHT QUOTIENT upgrades. You may be “called” to certain places specifically at this time and not understanding why – but still trusting and answering the “call.”

As you move into place for this next phase of the unfoldment know you are supported and honoured for taking up the nudging of your Soul/Spirit.

Dear Ones you will always be in the right place at the perfect time. TRUST this inner wisdom that guides you lovingly.

The harsh energies of July have softened for the moment. As you move again into the New Beginnings that the August Eclipse Season will bring, which will be DRAMATIC – (hear that as incredible, amazing energies) will transpire.

You may find yourself once again drawn to special geographical locations to perform grid-work or gateway openings for these energies to be anchored into your new Crystalline Earth Structure.

Know that where you are guided and whatever you feel drawn to do, over these next exciting days, know that we are beside you at all times.

Dear Ones, you are acknowledged and assisted more readily and you are feeling the connection stronger than ever as the veil continues to drop away.

Times like these never experienced before are becoming the norm as you watch all around you collapsing and crumbling before your eyes. Know however, that everything is perfect, and what is required for the new Crystalline Structure of the New Earth to form.

Dear Ones, continue to anchor the Light WHERE EVER you find yourselves and with whomever accompanies you.

Your LIGHT and your LOVE is the driving force behind all that is unfolding and because of YOU – PEACE, PROSPERITY, WELL-BEING AND LOVE will be the platform for all to hold in their hearts.

Open your Hearts even further Dear Ones, invite the Light of Creation to flow through you as a conduit for the Greatest Peace and Prosperity to flow to ALL.

That Dear Ones is why you live where you live, or travel to Sacred Places on this Blue/Green Orb.

Magic and Miracles ARE created by YOU.

And so it is


» Source – Leslie-Anne Menzies