Goddess of Creation: Your Reality and A Balanced Frequency

grandmothers speakNama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I welcome you into this now moment of sharing time together. I feel such love for all of you. I feel such honor and respect for each one of you that is living your life and is upon your journey. You may have a hundred different people that listen to the same message and they will each interpret it a hundred different ways because each one of you is on your own unique path. You are on this journey that is your own taking you through your life.

I always appreciate how there may be billions of people upon the earth. All of you humans with your thoughts, your emotions, your physicality and there is that which is common amongst people that are on a similar pathway but to each one of you, your experiences, your path, your reality is that, it’s your reality. So to take a moment, look around you, consider your life. What is one word that expresses your reality?

I’m smiling because I always get those people that are “Well let me think about it”, “Well it could be this it could be that, it could be this”. When you consider your life and whatever the focus of your reality is in that moment, it’s not about analyzing or thinking or putting a lot of intention into it; it is about being in the moment and whatever thought process comes to you let that be your reality.

Most of you have distractions. Your distractions are created by your ego as a means of keeping you aside from your path. Sometimes people are so caught up in the distractions they would not even know what their path is.

Your path is created over and over and over again through your communication and connection to your own divinity. Every time we get together on these channels you begin as the human that you are. You shift into that space of your higher self, which is a higher vibration than your physical reality, but it is not as high as your divinity and then we also move into your actual I AM Presence.

Therefore I would say to you that your ultimate mission or goal or intention for living your life is the expression of your own divine self in every reality. You the human are a glorious individual. You the divine are even more magnificent than that which you can fully take in. And I say that because it’s word that you could understand, but it’s not about judgment or saying one is better or worse than the other; it’s more so about recognizing that you as the human have been living your life, having your experiences; we tap into that all the time, and yet you as the culmination of lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, as the culmination of your God source are this infinitely massive, if you want to think of it that way, or high vibrational being. This is why the statement was created, “You are more than just this life”. This is why the statement was created that “You are human having a spiritual experience or are you a spiritual person having a human experience?” That was a big one back in the 90s.

Ultimately at this time it is more important than ever that you recognize you are more than just the human living your life and you are the expression of your own divinity. Anything at all that you can do to get back into that flow and get back into the rhythm and to understand who that is, is going to assist you within your life in truly being the person that you wish to be. In terms of things manifesting for you, you could look at it as a river or as a wave of energy that just moves through your life. And you can choose to play in it and wade in it or you can choose to stand on the side and just observe.

I would encourage everyone to become that wave of your divinity to allow it to fully be expressed in every part of your reality.

I know I don’t usually talk so long at the beginning but that message just wanted to come out. So now, I invite you to breathe in once more, breathe all the way down inside of yourself and let that energy go into the earth so that you may merge with Gaia. As you feel your energy expand in different directions you are anchoring your consciousness and you’re anchoring your physicality into the earth.

As you allow for all of that to come up within you, you send a beam of light that moves up. This is what I’m speaking about a few minutes ago. All you do is you send that bean of light. You have the intention that you create a ball of energy within your heart center and you send that energy upwards in the top of your head. It moves out and it just naturally merges with your higher self.

Allow your consciousness to then feel as if it expands as it merges with the energies of your higher self.

As you feel this energy, you may find yourself shifting or expanding into something even more. Your higher self is a place where you frequently come and work out problems or you look for solutions. So if there are old things that are sitting around you, clear it out, let it go, so that for tonight, in this now moment, you can have a clear and direct communication.

That little ball of light that you sent up to your higher self continues. There is a cord that connects you within the human to you within your divinity. That consciousness just follows that cord as it goes all the way up in the higher vibrations or the higher dimensions. You find yourself in the soul plane, which is that plane of existence in which your soul resides and as you feel that consciousness merge it’s as if you as your soul, you as your divinity open up to embrace this energy or this thought or this conscious awareness that moves from you into that space.

The soul plane just as the All That Is; is a very expansive place. It’s got many dimensions, therefore, when you link with your I AM Presence or with your divinity you are merging with that which is most in alignment with where you are right now but you can find other experiences by linking or moving deeper into your I AM Presence.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I reach out to embrace who you are. As our energies merge with one another there is a sense of expansion, there is a sense of awareness.

Everything moves in to the All That Is as our energies merge together.

Here within the All That Is, you have created a space that is your own. Let us shift things up or mix things up a little bit. I’m going to send through ~whew~ a wave of energy and just clear things out.

As I do so, take a moment to look around and see all that is here.

The All That Is is a very high vibration that is able to create a link or an alignment with whatever level in which you vibrate so that no matter who you are, no matter what your experience, you can find yourself merging within the space and you feel the unconditional love of Goddess. You feel the complete support and acceptance of your own divinity.

The All That Is is a place of creation. It is a place where many different beings of light will come to work with you or to work with each other. There are many Angels here. There are energies of the crystalline vibration that come into the space also; so one might even consider it a gathering place that emanates a particular frequency of alignment.

I invite you to pay attention and as you do so, really listen. When you listen you might hear different things, so as if everyone just closes their eyes for a moment, feel as if you are just floating in this energy of the All That Is. Allow yourself to be open to hear. Perhaps you’re going to sense; perhaps you’re going to feel, but these energies that are within this space, communicate with you. Some on a very deep unconscious level and some that you literally can hear a tone or feel a sense and it gets interpreted within you.

Out within the universe, you have your stars, your planets; there are rays of light and energy, all of which have a particular frequency that is unique to them or it.

You as the individual that you are have the ability to flow up and down through many different frequencies which is what allows you to connect with numerous potentials and opportunity.

There are transformations taking place in the alignment of the stars and planets that are amplifying the energy upon earth. So in this state in which you are allowing yourself to just float in this energy I invite you to put forth a question; “What is in my best interest to understand at this now moment?”

As you ask that question you may immediately get a response or you may send that wave of energy out to the All That Is and it may take several days, several hours for you to receive the answer. Understand that it may possibly come in through your unconsciousness, therefore ask yourself, let me rephrase that, therefore, put forth the question; “Anything of which I may be conscious or unconscious I would like to come into my awareness at this time”. Ah, there we go, now I suddenly saw many people just kind of opening up.

There is an intrinsic balance that takes place within the universe. It’s a balance between the stars and the planets and it is a balance between its relationship or alignment with the earth. Are you balanced energetically within your own life?

I know that perhaps people may say “I’ve got a lot of this so I need to do that” or you may have this analytical understanding of what’s happening. Here in the All That Is, I speak of the energy that you integrate within you.

Are you energetically in balance?

And what I’m hearing is, “Sometimes I am”, “No I’m not”, “My digestive tract is a problem”, “My adrenals are a problem”, “My stress level is too high”, “My cortisol is to high”. So let us do a reset so to speak. Again you continuously breathe in this intrinsic balance of the All That Is and the universe and as you breathe that deeply within your consciousness feel that vibration and the frequency of balance move through you and it’s going to begin. It’s just going to go through the top of your head and it’s going to go down through your body and this intrinsic balance is going to adjust everything within you so that your physical body will have the energetic balance of your energy body with which you are working right now.

Again you feel that balanced vibration and frequency moving through you once more and as it does so, wave upon wave clearing out and creating a new balance within you. We’ve spoken about the physical frequency and vibration that is your reality. Let us now go into the mental body.

Your thoughts create your reality. Your belief systems create your thoughts. So let’s go first into the belief systems. If there are old beliefs that no longer serve you in your life let us connect into whatever that may be, let us tap into whatever that is. Bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ clear it out.

Your ego in particular wants to hold onto these old beliefs because it’s the only thing it knows. So immediately allow the vibration or the frequency of balance, to go through your thoughts and your beliefs, filling up those spaces that you just released and cleared out with the vibration of balance, the vibration of love, the vibration of new potential.

What I’m noticing is that as you integrate this new frequency in your thoughts and beliefs, your physical body is also relaxing. It’s not trying to be stressed as a result of the belief system that’s telling you to accomplish something that is very frustrating to you. So, your reality; I understand that you may come out of this meditation and have a total different reality but in this now moment the vibration and the frequency of the reality that you seek to have; let that come into your thoughts, let that come into your beliefs. It may be multiple things it may be one single thing.

You allow the frequency and the vibration of what you have been seeking to just merge with your thoughts and your beliefs. Okay… As soon as I said that I heard some of you responding with “This doesn’t work for me, I’ve done this before”, “This is a waste of time”. So if that is a part of your belief system tap into whatever it may be ~whew~ get rid of it. And again, bring in the reality that you want.

If you have repeatedly attempted to manifest or had the intention of manifesting something that’s not working then let’s tweak it. Maybe it needs to look different than what you are thinking it’s going to look like. Maybe it will feel different to you than what you anticipated will feel like. So take this moment and clear out the vision or the intention of what you seek so that once more we can let the universe know what you would like but do so letting the universe or letting your divinity express to you it’s version and not ego’s version. There is a difference frequently.

Your emotions have its own frequency that is different than your thoughts and beliefs, that is different than your physicality. Are there any particular emotions that you find consistently come up for you?

As you consider what that may be, again, it might be related to your thoughts or your reality it might be related to what your physical body is expressing. Clear out your emotions ~whew~ and again allow emotions such as happiness, belief, excitement, joy, anything at all that builds you up; allow for those emotions and the frequency that they emanate to come within you.

Open up. Feel as these emotions wash through you.

Your spiritual body is the representation of all of this. Your spiritual body is your I AM presence as it’s expressing from you. So as you spiritual body comes in to support you, it’s saying, “Don’t forget me, I’m here with potential, I am bringing in the change, I am bringing in the opportunity so let me do what I’m supposed to do” and again you breathe down feeling the support and the energy of your own divinity coming through and aligning and balancing your thoughts, your beliefs, your physicality, your emotions, the whole entire blended you is fully supported by your divinity and just as I expressed at the very beginning, it is this part of you that will strengthen and will help to guide you the more that you are in the flow and understanding of who you are.

The crystalline body; this is that higher dimensional vibration of you that is seeking to have that alignment within all the other frequencies and vibrations of the crystalline energy. This is the foundation for all the change taking place upon the earth and as you look here in the All That Is you see where that crystalline vibration is coming in. In part it comes from the omniverse, meaning other universes. In other parts it comes in as the vibration or as the expression for who you are. As the crystalline energy moves through every part of you, you find that your frequency is once again rising to a higher level.

So, the crystalline vibration and your I AM Presence are this end of the spectrum, which is of the highest light vibration and is in the balance of all the potentials that fully support you; flowing down through your beliefs, your thoughts, your physicality into the vibration that represents you upon the earth. And frequently they are different frequencies or vibrations, therefore as you bring everything together within you, almost as if it’s swirls together, moving through you. You are bringing in that higher vibration that is raising up that lower vibration of who you are. So too, it is what is anchoring those higher light vibrations into your everyday reality.

I know some of you would love to be in that transparent vibration and just let that be your everyday reality, but I also understand that you are living and communicating with others who are of a different vibration and you therefore need to have that balance. So you can feel the flow and this flow as it moves through you is constantly bringing in the vibration, the frequency, the balance of the crystalline energies. It is working within you on your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs and your physicality and it is working in such a way that it gives them the potential to transition and transform into something that feels good within you. Breathe it all the way down within you. There you go.

You can feel your consciousness expand within this energy and we come back around full circle for a moment and I invite you to ask yourself the question, “What is in my best interest in this now moment for me to know and understand because I choose to understand what is happening within and around my life and where is the best place for me to go?”, that flow moves through you. You can feel it.

Through this expanded consciousness and the balance that you are creating you can tap into the knowledge of anything that’s happening out within this universe. You can reach out inviting the angels, your guides to come speak with you. As more and more of this vibration and balances is intrinsically or integrated upon the earth through your consciousness rather than your unconsciousness, you will begin to see that stuff that’s always been around you will suddenly make itself known and you’ll wonder; “Where did that come from? Has it always been there? When did they put that in? And it is because your reality is changing, your frequency is changing.

We spent the summer talking about the ways in which you as the person can understand and know who you are and we’ve spoken about frequency before. But truly I invite you to know and trust that all of this is your reality in this now moment.

Breathe it in and breathe out. Look around at everybody here. Look perhaps at your own guides and realize you are now creating a new relationship at a higher vibration; therefore, you will receive information differently. You may have more of it come in through your consciousness where you will just get ideas that instantly come into your mind. You may see things and by seeing things you may see something written that’s been there before but now you notice it because now is the time for you to notice.

You may hear things and everybody that’s seeking to expand their third eye or open their light body centers is here. It’s happening, it’s now. And your way of creating your reality is to have that vibrational frequency that balances all of your energy bodies and emanates out from you.

This is something that is excellent for you to practice in a very conscious way like this but once it’s set up it is just always there in the background. It’s always working for you and you need not constantly analyze it. As it comes to your attention that you’re struggling or this isn’t working or that isn’t working, take a step back, consciously breathe in clearing out all your energy fields and ask for the vibration and the frequency to once again rebalance or recalibrate within you. The more you do that the easier it will be.

One of the most beautiful things that I’m seeing right now is that as I’m looking at each one of you I see you here in the All That Is but I’m also seeing you in your physical life, in your physical reality and it’s representing everything that you have right here. I invite you step in to that potential allowing that to be your reality.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so, you see coming up within the center of you the hologram of the earth. As this hologram comes up within you, pay attention to what it looks like. It is already showing you the vibration that is been a part of the hologram but you perhaps didn’t notice it because you vibrated at a different frequency. So look at it now with these new eyes or with this new balance within you and as you do so recognize that you are amplifying that more balanced frequency into everything that’s happening upon the earth.

As you send into the hologram your own intrinsic balance, it all comes together. There are many angels and light beings who are also here and they also send that light into this hologram. It begins to flow down. It flows on its pathway as there is a part that moves out into the universe and the rest goes down into the earth.

As you observe that hologram, it clears through the collective consciousness that is surrounding the earth already clearing it out and it moves down inside of the earth. It anchors and then it comes back up through the earth, it comes back up through the many layers of the earth and it comes back up within each one of you. You already grounded and put your energy within the earth, so therefore, it merges with that and it comes back up within you. It flows up into you, anchoring within your heart. As you allow yourself to anchor within this energy, begin to feel how your own vibration and your own frequency is clearing. You may feel as if bits of debris or old energy just flakes off of you. It clears away.

Give yourself a moment and feel the balance as it moves through you. It’s going through your physical, your mental, your emotional, your spiritual, your light body energies; all the levels of who you are, are finding that same balanced frequency that you have in the all that is. It may feel different where you are because now you are integrating the vibrations of the earth, but let yourself connect and integrate as much of that balanced energy as is possible.

So too this energy is moving through the rest of the earth. It’s clearing old pockets of stuck energy, helping to release it. It’s activating that vibration within the collective consciousness so that as people intrinsically look for a balanced energy or balanced frequency or vibration they have it here to tap into and it begins to just move in every direction.

Once again have that sense of reaching up to the All That Is and bring back the rest of your consciousness. As if you breathe deeply into your heart center it all flows back. It moves through your I Am Presence. It moves through your higher self and it comes back within you in the person.

Allow yourself to just sit for a moment, readjusting and recalibrating from every cell within your body through every vibration that you emanate. Allow it to be in the flow of your divinity and the balanced energy of all your energy fields.

Who are you? As you ask yourself that question, recognize that you now vibrate the frequency of the balanced person; the person in the human reality, the person in the All That Is, the light body, everything as it’s associated with you is balanced within you. Create your reality through balance.

Here we are in this time space reality where we just worked in the All That Is about you frequency and were now bringing it up into your everyday reality or the perception of your frequency.

You the intrinsic person, you the person of your soul or your divinity is that core, that center of who you are as the human and that’s reflected through your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, your physicality. So therefore take this time and just feel or just have the intention that your frequency is that of balance and that of your divinity.

If you vibrate your divinity that takes care of everything and through that you can bring in more and more of that crystalline energy or that crystalline vibration. It’s here, it’s available to you. Wrap it around you like it’s a cloak and let it just work in its own natural way. Take out the analysis, take out the mental planning and instead be the frequency and the balance of who you are as your soul.

Beloved, I’m always here with you and within you.


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