God’s Message: Why You Are Here on Earth

heavenlettersWhat if everything in the world was the way you liked it? Have you considered this possibility?

When you open your eyes to the world and to the wild blue yonder, note all the blessings you are blessed with. Consider all the things in the world that are exactly how you like them. How about those stars you like that sparkle above you? What about those eyes you look into today? What is this ground under your feet? What IS it? What if you loved the air you breathe? What if, with every breath, you love the Universe and you acknowledge that you are here alive on Earth loving the Universe?

What if you liked yourself?

When you look at it, you too are one of the Wonders of the World. You, who are Oneness, are also unique. You are incredibly unique. Of all the population of the world, there is no one else just like you. And you are unlimited.

How many words can there be in a language? There is no top, no limit. Every language has room at the top for more words. I wanted to say: No two words are the same. Cancel that because there are more than two words the same in whatever language. The words the same, yet perhaps the meanings different.

When it comes to human Beings, there is no other just like you. No other exactly like you. No other. Only you.

Of course, there are resemblances in all human Beings. Each of you is your own Soul even as you are One with Me and all else in the Kingdom.

There is no top on you. You can change and grow, and everyone else, too, and still, there is no one like you. No matter what, no one duplicates you. No one else in the whole world, past or present or future, equals you.

No one else has your fingerprints. Fingerprints are the least of it.

On the same occasion of your uniqueness, there is no disparity. We are all One. To think of what I have created and how you contribute. How you arose at this very time on Earth! Do you want to know what are you here for?

You are here to reveal the Wondrousness of Creation.

Creation is not stilted. Creation keeps creating. There is more and more. There is abundance and singularity. There is uniqueness and Oneness. And All shall meet. All are meeting right now as We speak.

You are undercover agents, no doubt, at the same time as you are out in the open.

You are a Soul who is Soul-searching. You look for yourself everywhere in everyone. You who are One debate your existence. You debate existence itself. You are like no one else. Sometimes you don’t know Who your Self is. Sometimes you are a fragment of your Self. Sometimes you compartmentalize yourself. There is your little self and your Big Self.

We can say you cut yourself in half, even as you are still trying to unite the two halves of you. Part of you is a flight of fancy. Part of you is a Higher Being, a much Higher Being, if only you could keep your Self in your Awareness.

Heretofore, much of the imaginary time, you rip your Self apart. You are a High Being seemingly lagging on Earth. You get nowhere, it seems. You so want to know all the Truth, so you say. You want to zoom around scot-free, so you say, yet you hide your Self in the ranks. You, who can fly high, remain a foot soldier and complain of sore feet.

Fly High then. Soar the mountain tops. Credit yourself. Hang out with Me Who Art Your Very Self.

» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff