HeavenLetters: Life on the Comet of Itself

heavenlettersGod said:

You came out of the mist. You came out of the mist of My Heart. You always existed. There never was a time you were not. We exist together. We never beach Ourselves. We existed out of time. We were. Rather, We are. Time was not. Time is not. Infinity is. We are Infinity. Our Name is Infinity. We are the Essence of Infinity. We are Infinity.

If space existed, We would be space. As it is, We are Spaceless.

We are Timeless, for Timeless means Infinity.

We wear no clocks. There is no Tick-Tock.

There is the Silence of Infinity and naught else but Infinity. You are truly out of the imagined realm of time.

There is no noise except as We hear it on Earth. There is a loudspeaker in effect. A loudspeaker indicates decibels even as decibels are made-up. They are make-believe like everything else that is rattled off.

None of the stories told are True. Nothingness is True. Oneness is True. The Fullness of Nothingness and Everythingness is True.

Stories are plays on words.

From the forests, stories arose. They appeared to pass imagined time. Stories are like hand fans that are waved to cool down time as if time really existed. Time is a fake. You have been fooled. You continue to be fooled. To be fooled consoles you.

Yet, there is Life, and you are in and out of it, as if this play exists on a fabricated stage – as if this assemblage of a parody — could be true when only the Essence of Being is True, so help Me God.

All the fussing and sirens amount to a stop gap.

Oh, yes, there is Beauty. It’s true that Beauty exists within this Moment of Charm. There is no outside that actually exists. My Children wear bodies so that pictures can be taken of the seeming you. Photos are a pastime like any other.

You believe in the Emperor’s New Clothes. You believe in anything. You worship the fantasy of suffering. You forget to pinch yourself. You go on a mad shopping spree. You keep escaping Truth as if with all your might when Only Truth exists.

You live in My Heart. We are entwined as One in My Heart. You ask the questions. The answers sprout. We talk in Silence. You understand a lot more than you give credence to.

We know only Grace, you and I. We are companionable. We don’t really know where We begin and end. Of course, there is no ending. We never finish. In some ways, We haven’t yet begun. We don’t finish what We have started, and that’s fine with Us. We look for Sunrise and don’t look for Sunset. The Sun never sets when it comes to Us, the One of Us.

We are Arisen. We hunker for Life as Life truly is – pure and serene. There is perfume in the air. We stay young. There is no old. We have perfect ease. We stretch our arms. We fly in and out of Heaven at the same time as Heaven is all, and there is nothing else. We like all of Life as it is. There is no timer to go off. The skies are blue and clear. Birds sing. Life is a Charm.

Everything is connected. The glue is Joy.

We take a walk on the beach, and the next thing We know, We are on the mountain tops. We sigh. We breathe. There is the Hush of Love. Sorrow is nowhere. We let go of Life, for Life is Eternal and nourishing. We laugh and play. We go up hill and dale, hither and yon, even as there is no hither and no yon. All is sweet. Life is sweet. You are sweet, and I am sweet. We abound. Even as there are no heights, We are at the Summit. There is nothing else but this exquisiteness of Life on the Comet of Itself.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff