Stirring The Pot of Evolutionary Change

full thunder moon eraoflightdotcomThere is a consciousness shift under way since the 8/21 eclipse. The energies of that celestial event stirred the pot of evolutionary change. In your larger world, things may seem much the same – or perhaps more amplified with more of humanity’s ages-old darkness coming to light. Indeed, the next stage of awakening is unfolding at full speed after the eclipse. From a big picture perspective, what can you as a divine changemaker do to help facilitate this awakening?

First, focus on the love, the true remedy for hate arising out of the shadows in these times.

Second, remembering that we’ve just had an upgrade that will allow us to be even more in quantum, keep your focus quantum with a higher view of situations. Many things are not as they appear!

Third, knowing that these are times of spiritual purification for humanity, do what you can to address your own conditioning that causes you to judge and be in fear. Did you know that prejudice is often ancestral, passed down through the generations? Also, keep in mind that any grudge you carry is an obstacle to your enlightenment. Make progress now with an honest inventory of grudges you hold, releasing them so you are unfettered. Some may be easy to spot and release. Others, especially those rooted in the akashic records of your DNA and out of view, may be more difficult. DNA healing goes to the root of the problematic ones, setting you

Right now with the Mercury Retrograde still in effect is an excellent time to go within and regroup. Take moments daily to meditate and turn off the world long enough to check in with yourself. Invite a knowing of how to be more present and aware of what you are creating. If you don’t like a situation already created, ask your Higher Self to reveal what you need to know and do to shift things.

Find something daily to celebrate and be grateful for. This, along with a sense of humor, will help you to find balance in these times.
Trust in your power to create your best life.

Love and blessings–Selacia


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Inner Peace in Tumultuous Times
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Each year since 2012 when Selacia created the Divine Changemakers Series, there is a brand-new course tailored especially to the energies of that year and the specific spiritually-grounded tools needed then. The 2017 Phase 7 course will be targeted to meet the unique needs of divine changemakers alive now, providing essential tools and energetic support for the next phase of growth and big leaps forward. This course begins during the powerful energetic window of equinox weekend.