Archangel Sandalphon: Open Your Heart

sandalphon_by_ambercrystalelf-d718ie7I am Archangel Sandalphon coming to you from a channeler Star Goddess. I am sending my message across the highway of the internet so you can find peace in your heart and move as the great being you are.

Greetings and good day. I come with a message for one and all. As you awaken into realizing who you are, you will come to understand that divine, creative, life force energy runs through you. And through this gift, you have abilities to transmute any current challengers into light into love and into peace. As well as tap into a endless amount of wisdom through the ethers of the Universe.

You do this by focusing on love. You do this by embracing who you are as a God-like creator. Not disconnected from God but WITH GOD. You do this by stepping into your power and declaring “As never before, that I am now. I am the light. The light I am.” It is an affirmation that you will find empowering.

Let go of old patterns that serve only the ego mind. That has served those in control in this society. Now those in control have lost and are loosing their power.The energies are primed with an energy that will allow one to manifest in order to have all your desires materialize.

Let go of the dark to move with the light of love. Harbor compassion and love inside every step. DO open your hearts as you take deep breaths. Allow these new times envelope you, motivate you, open your conscious mind to REMEMBER where you are from so you may evolve into a fully conscious human.

I am of service to you, the people of earth and I employ you to break down the walls of judgements and let your loving essence flow. Open your hearts and move with these divine energies to align with the place you are from. The realm of the Divine shall be created on earth as it is meant to be. As it is meant to be.

Go in peace.

Channel: Star Blossom Goddess