Lady Venus Kumara: How Can You Trust

venusbeingsWhy can’t you trust? Because you fear deception and disappointment.

Beloved humans,

Trust is not a concept, but a spiritual attitude. It is a basic attitude towards life that, regardless of deception or disappointment, is either present in a person or it is not.

How can trust take root in you?

By not making trust conditional on anything! This means: don’t speak of “abuse of your trust”. Let all judgment in this context go and decide to trust in life and its consequent acts of providence unconditionally!

Trust has everything to do with you, and is never tied to other people’s behavior.

Do you or don’t you trust? At this point, your mind speaks up and raises doubt.

Basic attitude of trust

This is exactly when you shouldn’t pay too much attention to doubt. Observe the concerns coming from your mind when confronted with trust in life, and keep observing them until your thoughts calm down and your emotions dissolve.

A spiritually awakened person has internalized the basic attitude of trust and remains trustful no matter how challenging the circumstances may be  – they can’t do otherwise. The awakened person knows that it is insignificant how people or the environment react to their trust, because trust and love are in resonance with god and do not need any other field of resonance. What’s being said: doubt and mistrust are matters of the mind, certainty and trust originate in the soul.

An awakened mind has realized this. So go ahead and trust! Never make your trust dependent on anything and never tie it to other people’s behavior.

Whoever thinks they can abuse your trust, abuses himself; whoever thinks they can disappoint you is disappointing himself; whoever is incapable of recognizing your light is living in darkness; and whoever stays away from your love has not come close yet to loving himself.

True and valid are the cosmic laws of all being, true and valid is what your soul aims for. Your soul is made of trust – the sense of basic trust in ALL-THAT-IS and in oneself. Your soul doesn’t need outer reflection to have trust because it is self-sufficient.

What is provided here is true and valid, because the truth is: Unity amongst human beings is achieved through each individual becoming whole.

In this process, basic trust in god is of the utmost importance.

Beloved human,

here and now the path of fullness is revealed to you.

I am with you.


» Source – Channel: Jahn J Kassl