The Council: Support

council of mastersOur topic for today will be support. We will explain to you what we can do, how we do it, and why.

It should be obvious from the title we have chosen, that our role in the processes of the transformations that are occurring now for you, for your societies, and for your planet is one of support. We support with our energies. We support you with the alignments of energy beings in your heavens. They are known by some of you to be conscious beings, as well, as is your earth. We support with our teaching of each of you that continues when you visit us in your dream times and when you live through the scenarios that you have chosen to manifest. Some of these you choose in order to learn from. Some of them you have chosen in order to teach with. And most of you will not be able to tell the difference unless you step into the truth of your beings.

Since, in your terms, our role is a 24/7 job, we also urge, nudge, and if necessary, push you into certain actions and perhaps concepts. We are that little voice that just won’t shut up. We are the voice that you knew you should have listened to.

Now, here is the thing that you really need to learn about this. All of the above is true because the most influential seat in your personal council is held by you. You have guides. They guide. You have teachers. They provide information and viewpoints. Sometimes, actually often, we are able to show you probable outcomes. But the decisions are always yours.

When you say, “I would never have chosen this!” you are leaving the greatest part of yourselves out of the picture. Sorry, but that is the truth of it. Only a small fragment of your being is ‘down there’. Some of the greatest teaching you have ever done is done by living through what appears to be the impossible, the painful, the overwhelming.

We said we would tell you the why. The reason that we – you and we – do this is that we are hardwired to seek to better ourselves and everything around us.

You have been carefully taught that you should never include yourselves in that “we”. But the truth is that you are as integral a part of that “we” as any of us. Think for a moment. How could you not be? You are as much a part of all-that-is as anyone. And as that ”We”, we only want to grow and learn. And we want that for even the least part of us.

Until you manage to get past the separation thing, the undeserving thing, you will at best be moving into and back out of understanding. When you can accept and step into the truth, the love, and the understanding of who you are, your lives will change forever. Once learned, always known.

This is why for many of you it is more like remembering something that you knew last week. All of you have a very deep seated knowing of the truth of these things. If you did not, you would not be reading this or any other of the many messages of this kind that are now available.

Some of you have been in body for quite some time and can remember when almost no one would have any hope of understanding this message. We say that in order to give you another perspective on the amount of change that you have lived through and are living through. Think now in terms of how much change you have made, because you, friends, are the boots on the ground. And your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes are the heavy weapons. Keep smiling. Keep loving. Blessings to you each this day.

» Source – Channel: Ronald Head