Ares: Light Codes

dna activationSitting in the Sacred I AM PRESENCE with my Main Guide in the vibration of Ares and my Spirit Guide Team Ares comes forth with the following message:

I Ares, am an embodiment and vibration that you know of from the Ancient Greek Pantheon. I am the representation of the Great Transmutation.

The vibration of Protection and a Warrior of the Light I come forth to speak with you all of Love and Understanding.

I am the one with many names. Many people will know me as thus reminding you of the many Isles of Atlantis that hath been named after me. Including this Aryan Root Race.

I am not of this universe I am a Creator God of this time and space and many of you may know me by other names Heru being one of them. I dwell in many Planets and Star Systems

I oversee many systems in this Universe and the Galaxies that form part of it.

I come forth with love light and peace, many activities taking place at this time thus affecting Gaia and her children at this time….

Many systems are facing great change as we are working hard to purge and purify the energy within the universe and within your galaxy at this time… many a conflict is taking place at this time affecting 4D Astral Plane and every caution must be exercised when you are connecting in at this level.

Lions Gate Portal of Light connecting the God Star Sirius and the Orion Belt bringing forth Love Peace and Understanding.

Many Lightcodes are coming forth. Bearing Solar Light Frequencies and Codes.

Eclipses are abundant at this time bearing forth the needed energy of purging and rising like a phoenix rising from the ashes to greater possibility.

You are in the Dawn of Enlightenment which commenced in 2012 and there will be another shift to the next stages in May 2019 that will see the other move forth to the next stages. During this time you will see many transitions to your lightbodies taking place thus shifting you forward into more Crystaline-Avatar.

During this time, many truths are coming forth and many will connect with the Esoteric Truths and in doing this will connect many of you back to the beginning…

We are enabling the omniversal energy to radiate now to the earth plane this will enable the next stages in the Divine Plan…

Many of you will be connecting to the areas of work that you will be taking forth in your journey…

There have been over the last couple of years 2nd and 3rd waves of awakening Souls and their shifting is taking place at this time.

Much emphasis at this time has been drawing on the Water Elemental Life Force to assist in the purging and purification and this has been evident as we have worked with the Planets and Constellations and the Zodiac. Prime Planets that have been of great assistance is Venus and Neptune.

Many of the Aquatic Beings of Light that are anchored in Sirius B have been assisting with the raising of the vibration of the waters of your earth and across the universe.

Embrace the changes dear ones as the next two years are critical for the Ascension of Gaia.

Much energy however is remaining dormant at this time and much work is taking place to shift these energies…

Many dimensional celebrations are due to take place across the dimensions on and around Autumn Equinox on your earth seeing the marking of entering into a new paradigm of light and understanding. With this taking place this seeing the bringing together into ONEness the 144,000 anchored on your earth at this time. We are celebrating many unions bringing forth the unified Twin Flame Unions from across the dimensions. Let the Divine Unions commence! This Union embraces the Balance on the Earth Plane and the Balance of the Polars thus bringing forth a more integrated and unified energy that will assist the Earth Plane with the vibration of Love and Harmony…

I bring you love and peace at this time.

I AM Ares and I speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio