Judas Iscariot: The Kingdom of Peace

judas iskariotI am Judas Iscariot and I have things to tell today. First of all I want to thank you for the excellent work you have done on Earth. Peace is here, dear children on Earth. The Kingdom of Peace has entered on Earth and all can breathe a sigh of relief. Peace makes it possible for people to dare to bet on themselves and do other things, when they do not need to think about simply surviving. It is now that creativity can be born and a new hope lit among the people on Earth. It is when you can meet tomorrow with more confidence that one is open for new possibilities to change one’s own world. It is now that new technologies and new research can be anchored in the world we live in. It is now that one dares to see and understand that we actually can change the world we live in to a much better place to live in. Everything that is good, but hidden to the human eye can now enter into the light and serve humanity in a humane way. There is much that has been hidden in the shadows, which can be helpful in order to get this world on its feet again. Everybody can get the energy they need and it should not take such a long time to replace the old with the new.

Yes, your old world is falling apart and out of the ashes a new world rises, exactly as the Phoenix. It is here that you are now dear Earthlings. A new world is now emerging out of the ashes of the old. It appears as an image of a dream, but a dream that soon will get clearer contours. You can build your dream now dear Earthlings – The dream you had when you descended onto Earth. You can weave your dream together now. The stone from the grave that you dug for yourselves is rolled back. The veil has lifted from your mind and the soul is free to go the way that he/she has chosen to walk.

The new era comes with peace, harmony and love to each and all that inhabit Earth and have chosen this for themselves. The Kingdom of Peace is here now dear children on Earth. You can throw away the veil and all the fear that exist there. You are now one with Earth and everything that lives on it. Yes, you are one with the whole Universe. We are all your brothers and sisters that welcome you back to us. Of course, we have never left you, but this you never understood after you put the veil over your eyes. It is a time for reunion and it will be a wonderful reunion for all the families that are waiting for you. It is not far to go now dear children on Earth and we are all happy and grateful for this. There is a great expectation in the air from both sides today. Everybody knows that the time is near for the greatest breakthrough in the history of the Earth. It is as if everybody is holding their breath now anticipating the wonder that is in progress of happening with our Earth and all who inhabit it.

The Earth is beautiful. Gaia floats majestically further on in the sky with an unbelievable cascade of colors. She is loved. She is longed for and so are you dear Earthlings. Yes, all is light, beautiful and loving. Feel and understand this in your hearts and you will also see the new reality that is built up all around you now. Be in the light and you will see the light and everything that belongs to it. You belong to it. You just need to believe, understand and feel it. It is already around you. Your first faltering steps are done and next steps will be more secure. You will pull others with you that attempt the same thing and they just as you will succeed. They will also become more secure in their steps. The future looks bright and you have already seen the contours of it. We congratulate you and blow fanfares in our trumpets. It is time to celebrate now dear Earthlings. It is time to celebrate now…

I look forward to our meeting within the near future.

All my love to you


» Source – Channel: Ann Dahlberg – Translation from Swedish to English: Per Staffan