HeavenLetters: Think High, Beloveds

heavenlettersWake up to My Love and wake up to all the Love that fills your Heart. You have stored or hidden much Love away, yet all your Love is still in your Heart waiting for you to free it. You may fear that your Love might be unimportant whereas all Love, and all your Love, is of the utmost importance.

Your Love may have been kept handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged, Beloveds. Who is the culprit who has done this? Across the board, you are the culprit. Your Love is not responsible for this. Your Love is innocent. Even unbeknownst to you, you are the one who has chosen to repress your Love, hide it, make it small.

C’mon, let your Love out. Loose the Love in your Heart to go where it wills.

Perhaps, you used to be brave and daring to let your Love out, and one way or another, you felt your Love unappreciated or downright slapped. More or less, you decided to keep your Love hostage, to wait for your Love to receive an invitation, and try to see guarantees before you let even a little bit of your Love out, as if even a drop of Love might be wasted. You told yourself en garde.

If you are looking for a return to your Overtures of Love, not everyone is in the same place as you. They may not care the way you do. They may not have even noticed. Must others be just like you? Must you require this?

Make sure you are not mixing up your giving of Love with your personal need to receive Love.

Oh, yes, how much the Fact of Love Returned is seen as essential in the world. There is a cure for a lack of Love withheld or not responded to at all or perhaps not even noticed. The cure is for you to radiate out more Love by your very Being. Radiate an aura of Love out to the world, will you?

You do not have to see yourself as owed Love. No, no, no demanding a return. No longer see yourself as a non-receiver of Love. Give out your Love to the Universe. It will land somewhere. And your Love may well be received and recognized and valued in a far-off corner of the world. Be glad you have Love to give. If you haven’t read the Heavenletter directly before this one, read it now.

Change the platform you come from.

You are responsible to Love. You are not responsible for greater Love from another or any other. Take care of yourself, and accept the winds that blow.

Yes, on one hand, you are responsible for the whole world. Yet you are also responsible to free everyone from being responsible to you. You are responsible for how you will respond. This is your decision to make.

There are no barriers to Life. It’s not for you to oversee another’s Life in the sense of correction, nor is it for you to continue thinking of personal obligation from others to you. Nor does this suggest that you are to stay bound to any other more than you regard yourself.

It is for you to smile. If another does not return your smile, bless him and don’t instill within yourself the conviction that you are owed a smile in return. Let it go. Nor do you owe, Beloveds.

Parent yourself. Be good to yourself. Be accountable to yourself.

This realization of your place in Life also applies to your children. Let go of the idea that your children are YOUR children and, therefore, that they have to be perfect according to your standards. Free them even as you raise them. They have their own souls and their own ways of Being. Bless your children more than you correct them. Bless your peers more than you instruct.

Think High, Beloveds.

» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff