Navigating the Eclipse Corridor & Timeline Shift

body of lightWe are smack dab in the eclipse corridor and timeline shift. So much is shifting within and “out there”. The energies are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. They are changing us in all ways. In one moment the energies are high and they open our heart chakras so wide that we feel bursting with love and oneness. Then we feel like we have “fallen” as all that is no longer compatible with a wide open heart chakra is brought to the surface to be resolved. It can make us feel like we are the ping pong ball in the universe’s table tennis match. My cranial sacral healer says “Be sure to command that all integration be done with ease and grace, comfort and joy.” That boundary has done much to help me feel steadier in the energies.

Recently, I asked my team to show me what the new timeline looks like and what they showed me was a frame work, a beautiful golden blueprint. Many of us have participated in building and grounding that framework into the collective reality. They explained that this is the framework that will hold each person’s creation, their own personal hologram. This framework is not rigid, in fact, it can expand as it is only held by our own personal limitations and beliefs. The heart chakra is our own personal projector that allows what is within us (wants, beliefs, limitations, and fears) to be created out there. If the heart chakra is not opening as wide as it can, it limits our projection ability.

It is for this very reason that we need to be aware of how our thoughts, actions, and beliefs affect our heart chakra. Become familiar with the feeling of an open chakra versus one closed and look at what programming is running when it is less open. We also have to look at all of our belief structures, not only the ones we think we have left behind but the ones we have created on this journey to self as well. Whenever a belief becomes rigid it defines our personal reality. Take a moment and see the belief constructs you may hold not as something intangible but as a solid structure, like a box. Is your personal box big enough? Will it expand as you grow or is it something that you have clung to for safety and security?

Understand that we have never been here before. There is no one on earth that has experienced these energies as they are streaming in now. That means that we all flying in unknown territory. Yes, we can get information from our teams but these do have to come through our filters and the belief constructs we have created. This is how we have such differing reports on what is coming, some feel that all must crumble for things to change, some see all changing in a blink of an eye. What I see is neither a collapse of all we know nor all changing to utopia in a minute. What I see is a consistent forward momentum that will accelerate quicker and quicker as more contribute their energy to that stream. It is a conscious effort on the part of each of us to figure out where our limitations and fears are and work on letting them go. It is our fears and worries that bind us to a lower reality one of struggle and strife.

I asked my team about the descriptions I had read of what life will be like in 5D after the timeline shift and their accuracy. What they said was that it is like a pregnant mom envisioning what her adult child will be like. Is that vision accurate? Yes, it may be but what it didn’t include is the nights of no sleep, the temper tantrums, teenage rebellion and all the difficulties that come with growing up. What they explained is that after the timeline shift is complete that we will still be feeling our way, figuring out who we are and what we can create. What will change and is changing is how quickly our thoughts and actions are creating our reality for the good and the

So while it may feel like we are flying blind, if we have tapped into our own internal GPS (our soul) we will make it through. Discernment is more important than ever. This means that the only authority on your life, your journey, and your physical form is you. This doesn’t mean that we can’t go to others for guidance, support, and healing but it does mean that you should not give up your autonomy to another. It is for this reason that we are being shown clearly areas where we have become disempowered or caught in a victim loop. We are the masters now. The training wheels are off as we are given full carte blanch to create our own reality.

When we hear that we are the masters now, our mind wants to take over and think of all the ways we should be doing. It can become a mental loop of why we are not good enough or ready to be the master. Yet the way that we create the reality we want is through the open and clear heart chakra. The mind confuses things. The mind does not understand that being in service simply means tapping into our potential and highest joy. It means first BEING the light and then DOING only when it is in line with our light. For many of us, this is not easy to wrap our mind around, we have had years of programming that told us our worth is what we DO, not in who we are. I was talking to a client about this and what was brought to mind was an experience that shaped me.

After I graduated high school I had the amazing opportunity to go to Sicily for the summer and live with my girlfriend’s Aunt and Uncle. This experience changed me in ways that I am sure they didn’t even realize. My home life was tumultuous on a good day and absolutely insane on a bad one. My father was an alcoholic and my mother was abusive to us mentally, emotionally and physically. I could never tell when the house would erupt in violence and chaos. Yet, what I found is that if I had a friend stay over they would behave. My mother wouldn’t pick a fight when my dad slinked in from the bars at 3 am and she would put on a face of the cool, happy mom. Somewhere in my child mind, I thought that most families were insane and that love was drama. I thought that when I spent time with a friend’s family, they were on their best behavior too.

What I realized living with this other family in Sicily was that not all families were play acting when guests were over. No one could play act for the duration that I lived with them without showing some dysfunction if they were trying to hide it. What I did see was that the Aunt and Uncle clearly not only loved each other but respected one another. The house had a wonderful feel to it and even when one became annoyed with the other, it was solved with discussion, not violence. It changed everything, including the definition I had of love and what I would tolerate in my future relationships. I credit this revelation with helping me to choose a mate that would love, support and grow with me. It helped me to not recreate the abuse cycle that extended through the generations of my family.

The family I stayed with knew nothing of me or my dysfunctional home. They didn’t lecture me on a healthy family or relationships, they were just themselves. It was them BEING their authentic selves full of love that showed me a different way.

This is what is being asked of all of us now. BE the example. In whatever way that looks like for you.

It is for this reason that they have said for a few years now “Hold your light strong within you. Be the light.” This is not the easiest task and it requires full authenticity. We are surely being put through our paces with the world events and the amount of fear that is in the collective. We are also seeing the spiritual mask slip from many. This is a good thing because all the masks must go and we have to be unapologetically real while realizing that it is this genuineness that becomes a beacon of change for others.

Remember in all moments you are contributing to a field of consciousness, a morphic field with your thoughts and focus. This focus helps this field grow and become more powerful. Think of all this propaganda and blustering about WW3 every time someone speculates or contributes to this war mongering the field of it becoming real grows and gets stronger. It’s not putting your head in the sand to not focus on this crap. It’s actually draining power from that field of potential. We are much better served focusing on the reality we do want to create for ourselves and others.

We have the largest group awakening in this moment and as we know this is not an easy process and the fear is palpable within the collective. We are being called upon to be the beacons for these souls, to help illuminate the path. We do this not by telling them how to live, eat, breathe or be but by living an authentic heart centered life. When one is ready they will ask us our truth and at that time their ears will be open enough to listen.

I hope that this message finds you all well, digging deep into all that you are and seeing yourself as the amazing soul that you are. I will be holding a group call on Friday, August 18th at 6 pm MST to discuss the eclipse portal of August 21st and to lead you through a cleansing and an upgrade to assist you with the assimilation of the energies. The call will be recorded and emailed to participants. The upgrade will be unique for each person depending on where they are in their process. The great thing is that it can be used as many times as you need it on your path as it will change with your needs. To participate please go to and select group calls “Getting Ready for the August 21st Eclipse” at the bottom of the listing.

Take care of you <3

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