18-18-18 Total Solar Eclipse in Leo: Epic Shifts

eraoflight lions gateThe big moment has arrived… Ever since the Full Moon Eclipse on August 7, the forces of light and dark have intensified.

Notice how the intense energy amplifies everyone’s true nature.

In just a few days on August 21 (7:30 pm London, 2:30 pm NY, 11:30 am Pacific) the epic climax of our current eclipse season will unfold, as the “Great American Eclipse” diagonally crosses the United States.

The numbers’ code signifies an ending of an epoch:

  • The last time an eclipse crossed the U.S. was in 1918.
  • That is 99 years ago – 99 adds up to 18.
  • August, 2017 is an 18 Universal Month

Thus a powerful 18-18-18 and 9-9-9 code is triggered by the Leo Solar Eclipse.

18 and 9 themes are endings, culminations, purging old stagnant energy, letting go of people and plans that are no longer congruent with you. Seeing the false from the true – and choosing to walk the positive, uplifting and spiritually fulfilling path.

You are clearing baggage and making room for the miracles on the other side.

Solar Eclipses are Big NEW MOONS – establishing major New Beginnings so they plant new seeds, start a new chapter, inspire new directions and new ideas.

After this epic solar eclipse your internal and external worlds will be totally re-aligned to a new frequency – and you could be stunned at the developments unfolding right now.

  • Leo is RULED by the SUN, and the Sun is being eclipsed.
  • You are stepping into the Light of the Sun.
  • You ARE Light, and you will deeply internalize that YOU are a LIGHT-BEING.

During this Leo New Moon total Eclipse EVERY planet is triggered. At this time you will see very quickly and clearly who is in integrity – and who is not.

NO stone will be left un-turned.

During any eclipse the light  DARKENS. So things are not as clear, and you’re also more emotional – and fired up! So it’s best to WAIT until we are through the Eclipse storm to be totally grounded and balanced enough to SEE clearly.

You can reach profound conclusions now, but leave the big decisions until after Mercury stations direct on September 5.

So much to share about the LIFE-CHANGING shift happening now.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle.

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