Weaving Straw into Gold

heavenlettersHere’s one idea that will hasten the evolution of the world. When enabled, this one idea will move the world forward at the Speed of Light. This has to do with letting go of a habit of thinking that is prevalent in the world. It seems like a simple thing, yet it isn’t so simple for My Loved Ones to let go of this worldwide habit. It may well be difficult for you.

Within this world you live in, no matter how it may seem in dark moments, there is nothing that is impossible. The sky is the limit, which is to say that there are no limits at all.

So much will be taken care of with this one change in awareness. As you change, so changes the world. Your simple awareness of the value of the possibility of change alone will affect the world you live in. You will enter a Universe of Peace.

You will transform the world. Peace will be like a rocket taking off! Tumult in the world will fly away. No one will know frustration. No one will oppose, and no one will be opposed.

This new way of thinking will close Pandora’s Box.

This is not a quick and easy for you to accomplish, not even in theory. Yet, even so, there are these who live this way now. You may think that the ones who succeed in such flexibility are just lucky. And, yes, they are lucky to have acquired this skill. At present, you may be at a loss to implement this.

You may compare yourself to the beautiful but innocent miller’s daughter in a Grimm’s fairy tale. Her father boasted falsely to the King that his daughter has the ability to weave straw into gold. Hearing this, the King imprisons the daughter and orders her to weave a huge amount of straw into gold. She must succeed. If she succeeds, the King will marry her. If she fails, the King will execute her.

The miller’s daughter has no idea whatever as to how weave straw into gold. With all her will and desire, she would love to be able to weave straw into gold. And her Life depends on it. She has everything necessary but the skill. She would if she could.

The rest of the fairy tale doesn’t really apply to this Heavenletter because Rumpelstiltskin, half villain, half rescuer, offers to weave straw into gold for the girl in exchange for her first child. She grabs Rumpelstilskin’s offer which she later reneges on.

At present, you may well believe that you do not have what it takes to actually live Peace, yet alone keep Peace in your awareness.

Here is what you can do to bring Peace to the world:

No longer will you pin your dissatisfaction on anyone else. Instead of looking to change others, you will change yourself.

No longer will you think of what others are not and what you want them to be. From now on, you will highlight good qualities of others and never mind about featuring any annoyances you may feel.

No longer will you say even to yourself: “Why can’t all the multitudes of seeming others be perfect in my eyes? Can they not be perfect?”

Beloveds, they are perfectly who they are.

O! to be grateful for what you see rather than ungrateful for what you don’t see.

O! to appreciate what is. O! to no longer declare disappointment.

Now, dear Hearts, here is the crux:

Let go of having to depend upon any other for your happiness. Or blame anyone or anything for your unhappiness. O! may you discover your own happiness.

Focus on what is right with the world and the people in it. You can do it. How many of My Children as One have to let go of being pleased by others before they will move mountains?

» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff