Saint Germaine: I Am Here To Take Everything

st germainGreetings and cheers my dearest ones! I am St. Germaine, your beloved brother, family and friend, coming today to bring you great news, to let you know that you are doing a fantastic job! Wow. We are so proud of each and every one of you here in this forum and beyond, reading or listening to this message it matters not, because at the heart level you are getting the high energy, the truth and the entire meaning of my words.

Dearest hearts, I am here with you to assist you in ways never allowable in the past. I am here to take everything. Yes, you heard me correctly, all the resistance and fears, the barriers and the walls you might have built around yourselves out of worries that someone out there will come close enough and see you the way you think you are. And so, you believe that you are some kind of unlovable and ugly creature, some kind of misfit or mistake that the Mother must have created while, what do you think, experimenting with life? Or trying out the alchemy of love? You know that this is a complete aberration and needs no further discussion. There is nothing that the Mother ever gave birth to that is less than the purest expression of Her love, of Her superb essence, and that includes you!

Then why in the world you are still holding so tightly on your shells? Is it maybe because you might see the most beautiful and bright angelic being ever created?

“That can’t be,” you are arguing with me. “How can that be when I have gotten hurt so many times when I have removed my cloak, when I have fully revealed myself? “

So you see, you are still afraid. Walls and fortresses based on fears that have kept you captive for so long, and yet you felt you were safe and protected? What if I say to thee that this is your perception of the events and the intention was never to have you suffer and feel all this pain?

Dear hearts, I am here to ask you to let go of all the extremes, let go of the judgements and of the need to be perfect, or good, or the best. Can you allow the black and white, bad and good, ugly and beautiful, left and right, hot and cold, to just be?

Can you let go of the need to be right and to the right to be wrong? Can you accept and see yourselves perfect and beautiful in every way, because let me give you this news…you are magnificent, you are dazzling, gorgeous, impeccable and immaculate creations of God’s love!

Reveal yourselves at last completely, allow the world to see you with no veils, mask or walls placed around your hearts and every vulnerable spot on your bodies. Shine freely with your soft and gentle brilliance and beauty, and step courageously into this exciting next level of being ascended masters, archangels and angels in form, that had never before been possible on Earth.

Just say yes, dearest ones, to this gift of the highest degree that the Mother is bestowing on you. Receive it gracefully and then see your world change in no time. You have earned it! It is indeed a perfect time for partying and celebration! Let’s have a glass or two of sparkling amethyst elixir in your honor!

I will be leaving you now with my infinite love and admiration! Farewell.


» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle