HeavenLetters: On Earth, Excuses May Star

heavenlettersBeloveds, on Earth, excuses exist.

An excuse may be true, yet it is not for you to make an excuse as if responsibility is not yours. There are no excuses for excuses. Refrain from excuses. You don’t need fall guys such as time, energy, ability etc. to fend for you.

Excuses make you helpless, as if you are a victim and are not responsible for your own actions and inactions. This is an area beholden to your will.

Dear Ones, of course, it may be so that you are too tired to wash the dishes. Perhaps the honest excuse is that you don’t feel like it. You may say you can’t make yourself do it.

You have this one Life to live right now. Make good use of it.

Most excuses are not worth their weight in tin. In any case, excuses are made of styrofoam.

Don’t malinger. Take action right away, and then you won’t have so much hanging over you. When you make an appointment, keep it.

Saying you’re sorry is a good step, yet it doesn’t mean it’s okay that you didn’t follow through. Don’t make excusing yourself a way of Life.

On the other hand, don’t beat yourself up. Move on. Just don’t let non-action take over.

I also realize that you often do not really know why you aren’t following through on something. You owed someone money, and the longer you haven’t paid it, the harder it is to get back your momentum. Something in you seems to prevent it. The longer you take to put something off, the harder it gets.

By all means, make your words and actions one. Or don’t say it. Let your word be true. Don’t slough off words idly in this Life that is before you. You don’t always have to obligate yourself, and, if you do obligate yourself, don’t stifle yourself with procrastination.

Procrastination is putting off that which you may have promised yourself to do. Live up to promises to yourself as well. Promises are meant to be kept.

Your words are to be enacted. Your words are expressed in order to become true. Be true to yourself, Beloveds.

An exception here is a promise for revenge or some kind of inharmonious action. Yes, there are promises not worth fulfilling. Let go of them and don’t make a scoundrel of yourself. There is also more to Life than words.

Now We will look at this subject from a different point of view and perhaps give some insight as to why you may continue to escalate words that you no longer uphold.

You may be mouthing words that you are accustomed to. You may be becoming new in the sense that, as you grow closer to Enlightenment, old thoughts are still rolling off your tongue that no longer carry the importance to you that they once did. You may be becoming more of what has been called desireless. Your focus doesn’t follow the same path, only you still rattle off the words as if you hadn’t changed. You are not the person you used to be, yet you may blindly follow your old footsteps. You may not have gotten up-to-date with yourself. You are less in thrall to the obligations of the world. Even death doesn’t carry the importance it once did. Appointments now may be nothing to you. You ride on automatic.

The cure is the same. Don’t make promises to another or yourself in the first place that your heart may no longer embrace.

Being less attached can be hard to get used to.

Of course, you do not use new consciousness as an excuse for not coming through nor an excuse for guilt either. Simply make only those promises that have your heart fully behind them. Let’s shake hands on this.


» Source – Channel: Gloria Wendroff