It Is All Light Consciousness, Even Money

thebluerayYou may be wondering…will it happen? When?

You may be waiting…hoping…not knowing what to trust.

You may not even know what you truly believe.

Believe in ~ as ~ the state of your subconscious mind. That is, what really is going on within your memories. Your programs. Your Blueprint. The WHY you function as you do.

How do you hope for something that is not tangible or visible in the concrete world of consciousness?

You believe in what, deep down you KNOW is the Highest, the greatest possible FEELING ~ REALITY.

You see and FEEL yourself in Light and FEEL the magnitude of gratitude, abundance, love and bliss.

Then you will recognize everything is Light. Everything is THAT same consciousness. The same substance as your feelings. It is ALL made of that.

ALL potentials exist as Light. Everything is LIGHT. Money is Light. Your Desires are Light. Your body is Light. Your consciousness is the LIGHT you exist within.

We are not here to PLAY SMALL, but to EVOLVE in our understanding of our own Divine Consciousness.

Which includes we ARE MATTER ~ WE ARE THE substance we desire. Whether that is in the form of a partner. Money, health, love and wisdom. It is all made of the SAME energy.

Your feelings and thoughts are in a constant state of DIRECTING THIS energy.

There are many levels and dimensions on Earth Now.

Your RESONANCE with Divine Consciousness as IN the perfect State of BEING ~ is Divine ABUNDANCE on all levels of Being.

When you are vibrating to this KNOWING as in BEING, you have access to all States of consciousness and dimensions. Frequencies, whether that is levitating, singing or having financial abundance.

Maybe you desire the perfect True Love, That TOO is a state of consciousness that is yours.

All of your thoughts and feelings contribute to the state of consciousness you are EMITTING as your vibration. What you are sending out you are receiving.

The Active memory responses to everyday experiences are not mistakes, they are part of the memory clearing process. That is, what has been energetically charged as an automatic response, is leaving your energetic bodies.

So That you AS YOUR Divine Self fully in Form, FUNCTIONS as the clear Divine Eternal Being that you Are.

Believe in YOUR Divine Self. Your Divine Plan. What you feel is magical, beautiful and Eternal. The state of Being you KNOW Exists AS YOU AND for you.

Observe any clearing that takes place. It is not you.

Stay present with the Glorious LIGHT that you ARE.

ALL Abundance is yours AS THIS.

ALL Possibilities PLAY out at different levels of consciousness.

YOU Are Welcomed into your New Earth experience IN THAT Abundance.

There are no LIMITATIONS.

Limitations only seem to appear in the consciousness that exists as that.

In your Divine STATE the Most magical EXPERIENCES unfold for YOU.

Whether that is the RESET, Your Twin Flame…ALL is YOURS.

We Are with YOU in this ~ your COMPLETE Transformation.

In The GLORY of ALL with the Presence of the Divine Council of Overseers. Here Now. In Eternal Love and Abundance.


» Source – Channel: L’aura Pleiadian