Time Travel and Ancient Wisdom: Third Agarthan Update

agartha eraoflightdotcomLet me start by sharing that my whole body is feeling quite full. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, and the sensation started around eclipse time.

It feels as though my skin is permeable and there’s so much energy inside this body that it extends out beyond my skin.

Outgrowing my skin? I kind of like the idea, even if I don’t fully understand what’s going on. I do know, as we all really do…this eclipse was every bit as significant as we may have thought, and then some.

Fast forward to this morning, when Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen entered the quieted room wearing a peach velour gown and matching floor length cape.

She was followed by Teodor, garbed in another long tunic of a Florentine gold on gold silk print. The placket and stand-up collar were embellished once again with gold embroidery.

We learned today that such decoration on their clothing also has symbolic purpose involving sacred geometry and mathematics and mandalas.

Tamarinda started the day by describing how we can have more energy available to us. She used a metaphor as follows: The Divine Being is the nucleus, attachments are the electrons.

We are like attachments to this Earth, and she’s suggesting that we be like uranium in that the fewer electrons it has, the more powerful it is.

So basically, our attachments keep us from reaching our full potential.

This next was a little mind-blowing…the Human organism has 24 pairs of genes. We use 22 of them because numbers 23 and 24 were collapsed into number 22.

Those two collapsed pairs of genes are our Divinity, and we are fallen Gods.

The Ambassador spoke of a bible that exists in Holland. There is only one copy, and in it is an explanation of why the Gods have fallen.

In it, apparently is an explanation of the P-40 gene as the defense of the body.

P-24, however, is a created gene that destroys the P-40 defender, and guess what is it’s identity?


There’s so much information that’s been passed unseen and shared out loud at this Symposium. As I look over my notes for what to share, I’ll read something and remember with an, “Ooh!” what a fabulous thing it was to hear.

Many things spoken are already in my field as truth. Some things I feel might suffer in translation, so it seems wise to allow some leeway and steer away from any absolutes in deciding if any of the stated ideas are actually counter to what I may see as truth now.

Tamarinda mentioned that King Arthur was a poor man in his previous incarnation. He was a man of meager resource who gave what he did have to those who had greater need than his own.

I’m not sure if it was stated that he made an agreement to be that way in exchange for having his own country next time around, but that was the jist. It was by stated request that he manifested his Kingship in his next life experience.

Now onto the juicy bits about time travel.

The first guest speaker today was Dr. David Anderson.

Here, I’ll admit that I’m neither a scientist nor a math-loving creature. Merinda took copious notes during Dr. Anderson’s presentation, and she’s agreed to write something up with more detail than I’ll be offering here.

“Space Time Physics” was the name of his presentation. The first thing that straightened my spine a little was the phrase “exotic materials that don’t exist yet.” Dr. Anderson was postulating about the feasibility of using time-travel technology.

It’s the spin of the Earth that creates abundant, clean, free energy.

Would it surprise you to know that time travel is possible? That scientists are just now debating about disclosure of that fact as well as the ethical questions around the unknown consequences possible should the technology be used for anything other than the betterment of Humanity?

It’s delightful that the discussion is currently not around how to use it to make money or gather power to manipulate others. And this lovely scientist admitted that he felt that Archangels and Extra-terrestrials are capable of manipulating space/time.

I found it greatly encouraging also when an allopathic doctor in the audience asked a question about healing. While he spoke, he revealed his beautiful soul in how he feels when someone comes to him for help.

Perhaps it’s naive of me to think so, but a simple solution would be to only use time-space technology to go into the future to access information beneficial to the collective. We can focus our energy on a peaceful and ethical disclosure and use for this technology.

Any travel to past events in order to heal and shift would be done via the consciousness of the Human only, which as alchemists we absolutely can do.

Dr. Anderson did say that those people involved in time travel experiments have suffered. Awareness without a slow process to observe it causes damage on an emotional level.

Apparently we know enough now to prepare the subject so there is little difficulty, but this speaker mentioned a number of times that he’s under a binding, non-disclosure agreement.

Dr Anderson closed his presentation by saying that the era of technology to help people has begun.

Teodor Maassen was the second guest speaker today, as well as continuing his role as an interpreter for Tamarinda. He shared with us a small part of his initiation as a Tibetan Monk.

He spoke of mandalas as mystical devices and how they’re created, The Flower of Life, the Secret of the Sigil and the power of ancient Germanic runes.

I’ve squeezed all of that into one sentence but believe me when I say that there was a great deal of information packed into a few hours.

He confirmed something that occurred to me a couple weeks ago. If we were to send any negative energy to another person at this point, it never would even escape our own field because it bounces back to us the moment it hits the inside wall.

Actually, that’s slightly different than my vision. I saw it as bouncing off of the intended receiver of said negative energy, but it makes more sense that it never is able to break out of our own field.

Anyway, this is day two of a three day symposium. Right now, what I look forward to most is getting into bed.

Oh and this cool thing happened that I’ll share. When we checked into the hotel, we discovered that the TV didn’t work.

The nice fellow who came up to fix it was unable to, and rather than move our stuff, we chose to live without a TV. No biggie, really.

Well tonight after a long day, we kind of wanted to do a little vegetating in front of a movie. We tried to turn it on again and got the same message…”cable not available.”

Oh well, whatever. So just because…I asked out loud for Einstein to give us a hand with the TV. Merinda heard me, fiddled around with a few things and turned the thing on again and no kidding, it worked.

Life is different from here on out. According to Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen, from the moment of this past eclipse and moving forward, we are in a different reality than the one we’ve known for so long.

Tomorrow is another long day of saturating ourselves with information of a high frequency.

I reckon it’s practice.


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