Wrapping Up the Agartha to Humanity Symposium

agartha eraoflightdotcomWe drove home late last night after everything was over rather than staying at the hotel.  Both Merinda and I were feeling a need for the comforts of our own sacred space.

At the same time, it was bittersweet to leave our new friends.

Something about this gathering though gives me the feeling that we’ll see every single one of these people again at some point.


My life is forever changed. This is a good thing, but I have to say that some of what we learned this weekend is a little mind-bending.

As I mentioned, I may not subscribe to everything that was presented. These folks are for real though.

Of that I have no doubt.

Tamarinda started the day with a presentation about time and dimensions, pathogens that are actually extra-terrestrial in origin and a discussion of the fields around the body.

The surprise guest speaker today was someone I had no previous knowledge of.  A tall, thin man stood up and smiled. He had a crew cut turned white and sparkling blue eyes. A good face.

His presentation was engaging and funny, and only after he was into it did we all find out who he is.

Does the name Duncan Cameron mean anything to you? He was involved with The Philadelphia Experiment (1) and The Montauk Project (2).

I’ll give links to information about those programs below, but the best way to see who this man is would be here ~ http://duncancameronrealitywalker.com/index.html

Some of the things that Duncan said about being shot into other dimensions and meeting mostly two-dimensional beings took a little while to sink in. I started wondering if he volunteered for that kind of abuse, and the internal answer I got was that he did indeed, but not likely on a here and now level.

He came with this cool toy called a Wind Wand that could be spun around to make a sound like an Australian Bullroarer. I’ll call it a frequency generator.

He and Tamarinda were like two children playing together. They danced, they sang, they snuggled close and giggled.

Happiness is a choice.

He answered lots of questions, some of which he responded to with a statement about it being under military operations, so he couldn’t say more.

That was his response when I asked about the balance of power in the military and if there were more working to further Human evolution than there were trying to stop it.

But he had something very interesting to add to that…

This man, who’s seen and done things that few others have and lived to tell about…this man pointed out the power that Humans have to literally change our reality with our thoughts.

He sees thought forms! Whether we have uncharitable thoughts or lovely ones, they go floating out into our reality. When they say that thoughts are things, it isn’t a meaningless phrase and we all do need to seriously take it to heart.

The invitation is to be mindful always. The world we want will come about when we can accept responsibility for even our thoughts.

It’s good training for being telepathic with our communication to imagine that our thoughts are not secret. A little scary, right? But what do we want, anyway?

Duncan made a fascinating statement that anyone on the planet can be found within 15 minutes by our unique energy signature.

He also said that we all have a double, and I’m not sure why but no one seemed to feel that needed further explanation, including me.

His website explains it though, and he also offers a number of interesting services.  Personal energy field clearing and an astonishing menu of other visionary sessions.

Getting things to flow smoothly and easily is working with field resonance, and 12% of our reality is malleable.

We’ve just been saturated with Light and information at this event, and over the next however-long, we’ll be processing what we’ve taken in.

Bottom line? For you “prove it” kind of folks, I can’t help you. We’ve experienced our own personal disclosure, and everyone is free to take our experience to heart or not.

I thought I would be horrified to come home with no proof. Now I have no such concern.

My world view has certainly been adjusted. It may take a while to fully integrate the experience, so there may be more commentary posted later on.

For now I will say that we are all magicians, and we are all alchemists.

Our world is on the verge of epic changes, and it’s time we embrace our Divinity.

» Source » By Suzanne Maresca