The Pleiadians: Prime Creator’s Dimensions

output_bqU4zdWe remind you that Prime Creator makes up all the teams, and if you are in Prime Creator’s universe, then you are on all the teams as well.

You, as human beings, are the library cards, the keys to the Living Library. All the information stored in Earth’s library is accessible through you. You were designed to be merged with, influenced, and emerged through.

You have come here to master the human version of the spiritual evolutionary process – to live with it, to merge with many different realities

Archangel Metatron: The 12 Sun Discs

aaeGreetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, and I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We greet each of you in a vector of Unconditional Love!

There are many paths for a human to walk and all of integrity will find their light. So it is always true that discernment is required.

Dear Ones, change is the nature of reality, and ‘reality’ is ever expanding as consciousness expands. All that you term as reality is dynamic, constantly shifting, within & without all dimensions in a manner

Ashtar on the Current Energies

ashtar“Greetings, Beloved Family!  Well, it may feel to you as though you are running, and that part ‘upon the water’* is not entirely untrue, because these are magical, alchemical times.That’s right, changing times, transformative times.YOU are transforming and so is all of Planet Earth, below, on and above!

“And this is the way it looks: If you would picture yourselves upon a roller coaster – and you know what a roller coaster ride is about – you go up and then you go down and then you get to the bottom of the little valley and then you start going up again.  And this has been traditional on Planet Earth ever since you were originally messed with, because it has been designed to keep you enslaved in the third dimension.  But why stick around at all, why come back at all unless there is a promise of the highs – not just the lows?

Canadian Government Bans Wood Burning Stoves!

3470001-450pxCanadians must now get rid of their old wood-burning stoves or pay thousands of dollars in fines.

In a blatant attack on those who prefer living as self-sufficiently as possible, citizens of Montreal have been ordered to first register their wood-burning stoves, and then ultimately get rid of them within three years, unless they meet rigid air quality standards.

The deadline to register wood-burning stoves and fireplaces in Montreal was December 22, 2015, and the new emissions regulations will be

Germany to Citizens: Prepare for the Implosion of Europe

Germany_0It’s tough to deny it at this point — the impending collapse of societies all across the world is coming sooner than we would care to admit.

With each passing day, new evidence arrives to back up the belief that rising tensions, religious extremism, global warfare and political corruption will inevitably lead to the world being completely destroyed. It may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory to some, but if you analyze the evidence with an open mind, there are a lot of warning signs available.

Now there’s even more proof to back up this belief, as Germany is urging its citizens to prepare themselves for such an event by stockpiling

This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult

vbnForget telephoto lenses and fake mustaches: The most important tools for America’s 35,000 private investigators are database subscription services. For more than a decade, professional snoops have been able to search troves of public and nonpublic records—known addresses, DMV records, photographs of a person’s car—and condense them into comprehensive reports costing as little as $10. Now they can combine that information with the kinds of things marketers know about you, such as which politicians you donate to, what you spend on groceries, and whether it’s weird that you ate in last night, to create a portrait