The Hathors: Express Your Divine Self

maxresdefaultWe are here to offer you some clarity as well as insight to the unfolding chaos you are observing. This is truly a time of transformation, for it is out of energetic and collective chaos that new realities are brought forth or birthed.

We realize that you are observing world events from a place of disbelief and concern. We hope these words will assure you of your powerful role in this transformation and invite your focused attention and intentions in a way that will create and anchor the birth of a life sustaining reality

The Council: The Bermuda Triangle

vcbQuestioner: Bill had asked questions sometime ago, and other people had the same question about the Bermuda Triangle, the area supposedly bounded  by Bermuda, Miami , and the Bahamas where there have been a number of mysterious disappearances that have been reported.

The question is if there are actual disappearances, could you please explain what is taking place in this area of the earth?

While the world debates global warming, solar physicist warns of coming Ice Age

maxresdefaultWhile a significant number of people and world leaders are concerned about global warming, a renowned solar physicist has come up with a theory that is entirely contradictory.

Professor Valentina Zharkova, a solar physicist at the UK’s Northumbria University, claims that the earth is in fact not warming up, but cooling down. She has been conducting extensive research on sunspots – ominously cooler regions of the sun’s surface characterized by intense magnetic activity – pivotal in influencing climate patterns.

‘People First:’ Activist who helped stop water fluoridation runs for San Marcos mayor

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAQfAAAAJDc4MTAxM2RhLTU4YTAtNGIzZS1hYjRmLTExMjg0Yzc3YjE1MQAn activist who helped lead the fight against water fluoridation has joined the mayoral election in San Marcos. Sam Brannon, a six year resident of the fun-loving college town located smack dab in the middle of Austin and San Antonio, joined three other candidates last week in the race to become mayor.

Brannon graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. He’s spent the last two decades working in sales and marketing in the corporate services, software and supply

Why Cannabis is the Next Juicing Trend? How to Prepare it?

erCannabis, one of the world’s most beneficial vegetables, and its juice is too powerful. Cannabis is a flowering plant that is mostly found in Central Asia and South Asia region. Marijuana is obtained from the plant Cannabis therefore the Cannabis is also known as Marijuana. Its plant’s leaves and buds are actually loaded with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer compounds. These compounds are known as cannabidiols (CBD) and they make cannabis so powerful.