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Mushaba and Porda: An Event Announcement

I am Porda, father to this one when I was on earth. I will always be his father for he has many fathers. I am also here with his extraterrestrial father the being Mushaba, who is the Leader of the … Continue reading

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Removal of the Cabal Update

Nancy: I knew that this question was going to come up after I put together the original post but I didn’t think of that until that post was released. I guess my brain took a small vacation. I am getting … Continue reading

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You Are Living Now More and More On Pranic Energy

“One Who Serves” Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here now to serve you and to take you to the next steps that are coming. There are many things that are happening now and many things that are coming. Spoken … Continue reading

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Sheldan Nidle 8/02/2016

7 Kan, 7 Pop, 13 Caban Selamat Balik! All is coming into view! The key is the new American currency. It is being printed and accounted for by the new Department of the Treasury. These precious metal-backed monies signal that … Continue reading

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Doctor Claims Almost All Psych Drug Use is Unnecessary

Over half a million senior citizens die each year from their psychiatric drug use. To make matters worse, most of these drugs don’t even provide worthwhile benefits to the patients for whom they are prescribed. A study from the Nordic … Continue reading

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