Mushaba and Porda: An Event Announcement

MUSHABA LOGOI am Porda, father to this one when I was on earth. I will always be his father for he has many fathers. I am also here with his extraterrestrial father the being Mushaba, who is the Leader of the Mushaba people. I introduce the opening of this message this way because I want you to get used to hearing from me, Porda and from Mushaba and for you to know that this one we are delivering our messages through is directly connected in a way that gives him a bond of truth between us. He is tuned in automatically to us because of this connection so when we speak we all speak as one voice.

I want to tell you something, all of you that will read these words. There is something very exciting taking place in your physical world that will have a very telling impact on your lives. It is a long awaited event that is in process

Removal of the Cabal Update

galactic-federation-paoNancy: I knew that this question was going to come up after I put together the original post but I didn’t think of that until that post was released. I guess my brain took a small vacation.

I am getting folks asking questions like the following from a very dear friend.

“Hey Bob, Hope you’re enjoying your chocolate ice cream!!!

How does this news piece collaborate with

You Are Living Now More and More On Pranic Energy

ert“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. “One Who Serves” here now to serve you and to take you to the next steps that are coming. There are many things that are happening now and many things that are coming.

Spoken here earlier today, you know we always eavesdrop in your conversations, because it is not only that we participate in your conversations but we encourage certain things to come out. Again, it is all part of the orchestration.

Sheldan Nidle 8/02/2016

sheldon-nidle7 Kan, 7 Pop, 13 Caban

Selamat Balik! All is coming into view! The key is the new American currency. It is being printed and accounted for by the new Department of the Treasury. These precious metal-backed monies signal that this hemisphere has joined the East. This money is to set up the first stages of a global revaluation that is to be the foundation for a new and fairer banking system. Prosperity requires that these safely secured funds be the stable foundation for this surface world’s prosperity. It is this prosperity

Doctor Claims Almost All Psych Drug Use is Unnecessary

SayRatPoisonOver half a million senior citizens die each year from their psychiatric drug use. To make matters worse, most of these drugs don’t even provide worthwhile benefits to the patients for whom they are prescribed.

A study from the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Denmark — led by professor and center director Peter Gotzche — has revealed that the vast majority of psychiatric drugs do far more harm than good. The results indicated that many of the drugs in this class only provide modest benefits and most who use them would actually be better off without them.