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Mike Quinsey 8/19/2016

You who have your ears to the ground will know that “Revaluation” is so near, and together with other changes are soon to signal their commencement. A mammoth task is nearing completion and will give you undeniable proof that the … Continue reading

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The Group: Take Responsibility Happiness

Greetings Dear Ones. Spread your wings, even when you are tired. We are that wind beneath your wings. You know, each and every one of you have these beautiful opportunities to both be a support and to be supported. We … Continue reading

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The Council: Playing the Field

The field we are referencing is what many call the All That Is. You have many other names for it, and wars have been fought over whose name for it is correct. No name for it is so correct that … Continue reading

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How more mediation and exercise will help you cut sick days at work

Reuters recently published an article about meditation and exercise reducing the days of sick leave employees may be forced to take. Dr. Bruce Barrett of the University of Wisconsin-Madison led research to confirm what earlier studies have suggested: That people who exercise … Continue reading

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You cannot worry and believe in the same point of time

When you do not see a solution to what befalls your heart, let the Universe intervene.  Do what you can and trust God, and the Universe to do what you cannot.  You are asked to hold your peace in the … Continue reading

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A picture of maternal patience

A picture of maternal patience: Brown bear carries her cub across a river on her back because the youngster is afraid of the water The brown bear family were spotted at the edge of a narrow creek in the Lark … Continue reading

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10 reasons why taking spirulina daily is vital to your overall health

We talk a lot about “superfoods” because there are literally thousands of nutrient-dense superfood options from which to choose, all of which contain a unique array of disease-fighting vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other healing components. But the one superfood that … Continue reading

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