Mira, Pleiadian High Council: Bliss and Abundance

sanatvenusGreetings I am Mira. I greet you today with love and profound encouragement.

Can you feel the shift happening? Can you read the energies of the light? Are you ready for big changes? We know that you are because some of you are petitioning to our Creator for divine intervention. You are praying for the shift because you are ready for it. It is here and so are we.

We are giving you this captivating confirmation that what many of you are feeling is indeed true. We know it has been a long process.

Master Djwhal Khul: Sensitivity Protection

147042922349418Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. Well let’s see. We have been dealing with a bit of chaos and I’m going to say that this week I think my message is going to be about sensitivity. I’m tuning into many of the light workers and seeing a heightened sensitivity.

Remember please, to put your shields up or use your spiritual umbrella of protection. Essentially know that you’re going to be more sensitive than normal. Maybe for some of you this is a very short window and for others

Amazon Echo a Spy Device that Records Everything You Say

aechoThe world’s largest retailer is under fire for releasing a device that, according to some experts, is little more than a spying tool for government surveillance. The “Amazon Echo” device, a constantly-listening Bluetooth speaker that connects to music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify at the sound of a person’s voice, can be easily hacked and used by government agencies like the FBI to listen in on conversations.

Much like Apple’s iPhone, which contains a listening apparatus via “Siri” that can be activated in a room simply by speaking out loud, the Amazon Echo is programmed to listen for certain verbal commands telling it to turn on

The Police Were Created to Control People, Not Protect Them

police_ruling_classIn most of the liberal discussions of the recent police killings of unarmed black men, there is an underlying assumption that the police are supposed to protect and serve the population. That is, after all, what they were created to do. If only the normal, decent relations between the police and the community could be re-established, this problem could be resolved. Poor people in general are more likely to be the victims of crime than anyone else, this reasoning goes, and in that way, they are in more need than anyone else of police protection. Maybe there are a few bad apples, but if only the police weren’t so racist, or didn’t carry out policies like stop-and-frisk, or weren’t so afraid of black people, or shot fewer unarmed men