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National Economic Security & Reformation Act; Delayed, But Imminent?

Imagine you have been invited by the Universe to be one of the handful of people on Earth who know about NESARA Law and you are asked to promote it to help raise Earth Consciousness to end war and live … Continue reading

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Leah: Tips to Help You Awaken

Beloveds, this is Leah, speaking to you once again, after a bit of a break in your time stream. This channel has been traveling quite a bit and I have been working with souls individually during that time. This will … Continue reading

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This proves once and for all that the ‘climate change’ hoax is just a political agenda

A dearth of real data outside of computer modeling, coupled with hard evidence that global temperatures have been tampered with by top government agencies like NASA, should be enough to convince any rational person that “climate change” caused by the … Continue reading

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