Pleiadian High Council of Seven: A Great Deal of Shifting

output_bqU4zd“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

For the next several weeks that you have on your timeline on planet Earth, you are going to feel like there is a great deal of shifting going on all around you. You are going to see changes occur that you did not expect but that you welcome with open arms. There are going to be individuals who are going to play out massive themes for all of

The Council: There Are No Accidents

AA-choices-man-and-alternatives-300x261William LePar’s sprirtual source, The Council, addresses accidents. Their basic premise is that there are no such things as accidents. This may be a very difficult concept to believe, especially when we have been personally involved in a tragic automobile accident where children have been seriously injured or killed. I believe that this information from them explains their thoughts in a concise manner.

Questioner: You have stated that there are no accidents in reference to death and injuries. Please explain this in full. Could the free will of others interfere with an individual’s path and cause him to choose to leave?

Are tattoos putting many at risk for cancer?

oh_no__it__s_ink_poison_by_artalienTattoos have made their mark in a number of different cultures for thousands of years, and have become an increasingly acceptable part of our society. Though they were once quite frowned upon, nowadays roughly a quarter of all adults in the United States says that they have at least one tattoo. The actual practice of tattooing is regulated by state and local authorities, but tattoo inks are considered cosmetics and color additives, which puts them under the FDA’s jurisdiction .

In the past, there was not much evidence that called for safety concerns, and as a result the FDA never really felt the need to strictly regulate