Sheldan Nidle 8/16/2016

sheldon-nidle6 Kan, 1 Uo, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Amazing events are on the near horizon. Those individuals who are diligently making possible your new reality are winding up the final details needed for success. These actions are to authorize an extended series of funds to be formally transferred. We are waiting for these transfers to be approved and formally accounted for. The dark is in the throes of being defeated. The next exchanges are to put a nail in the coffin of those who so arrogantly ruled over you. These defeated ones are presently being closely watched. Once the first funds are exchanged, the dark is to be fully isolated from each of you. Over the last few decades, these horrid ones nearly stole your souls

Saint Germain: Breaking News

147136513583480I am here this morning to tell you of some breaking news. I am St. Germain, and I want to share with you an outcome that has come to the surface and brought some freedom into the interaction that is taking place behind the scenes with the ones who are involved in the process of freeing up the funds for the world.

As I say this I see in front of me millions of funds that are awaiting the continuation of being distributed to various sources that will release them to the people in the various ways that have been planned. When this takes place in it’s entirety, then all of you out there who are involved in the receivership

Lady Nada, One Who Serves, Ashira: As The Veil Continues To Drop, The Blinders Are Being Removed

mqdefaultLady Nada:

I am Lady Nada.  It is a pleasure to share this experience with you today. This was a surprise for Susan because she did not know that I was going to take over the lead on this.

There are so many things happening around the world today. We know that most of you do not choose to listen to the regular TV news or read the regular newspapers. You are looking for alternate sources. It seems that every day there are two to three new whistleblowers coming forward

Thoth, Sirian High Council: Urgent Message to Ground Crew

wow1_zpsvi1nikp5.png~original Greetings everyone! This message today is addressed mainly to those of you who are presently working with clearing of Ley lines. If you resonate with this message, then it is for you. Before I share the channeling that I have received from Thoth and The Sirian High Council of Light, I will first share with you the 2 sacred keys that they have brought into my awareness for me to download and bring forth for all of you to use at this time. I have commissioned a wonderful artist by the name of Kashif whom I work with closely in bringing these images

Flu deaths keep mounting in people vaccinated against the flu

ingredientsA death from the flu shot might appear on your local media, like it did in 2015, for Katherine McQuestion, a 26-year-old healthcare worker from Wisconsin.

Of course, the media makes sure an uneducated stooge from the health department gets on TV to say, well, yes, that’s just an aberration that the person died. But it’s not.

Why people should be breathing in marjiuana smoke, not inhaler fluid to prevent asthma

vvxcThe immense health benefits of marijuana aren’t exactly a secret.

To anyone who has been willing to do even the slightest amount of research, it’s clear that not only is marijuana not the evil, dangerous drug that it was once demonized as being — it’s actually been proven to improve many health woes.

Consider the fact that it has now been shown