Zap/Poofness 8/21/2016

pooftimePOOF SAID

SO what is next is the chipping away at the walls of obstacles that has been on going for years. The place wherein you are standing now is quite different than a few years ago. We all knew the trickery and the sophistication of the cabal, or the illuminati or the great bosses however you wish to view them of course you do but the resources were mismanaged and became non- accessible and the time to move any serious number of funds became paralyzed.

The Collective: Abundance Perspective

council-of-light[Question] What happens when one spouse has an abundance perspective and the other spouse has a poverty mindset? 

What can someone do in that situation, to help their partner think more in terms of abundance?

[The Collective] We are quite thankful that you have raised this issue, as so many are troubled by it. For the question of how you and your loved ones—or even those who are simply in your environment each day—influence one another’s perspective and overall vibration, is a very great one.