Matthew Ward 8/19/2016

mwwWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. With nominees for United States president set in stone, or so it would seem, it is understandable that you are asking how it is possible for Bernie Sanders to become that country’s next president.

Our last message didn’t enumerate the scenarios that Earth’s monitors in Nirvana are keeping an eye on because we were waiting to tell you the only one with significance, the one that has gained

The Pleiadians: The Earth Initiation

output_bqU4zdThis present-day epoch involves the fall of global civilization and a reawakening of a brand new form of consciousness. This is unheralded in your history.

We have emphasized your value as well as that of Earth. She is your mother, she feels you, and she knows your name. In her quest for understanding, she has allowed a grave misuse of energy and has even allowed herself to lose her true identity by being raped and abused by

How Big Oil destroyed Ecuador’s pristine rainforest with total impunity, robbing indigenous people of clean air and water

Chevrons-oil-in-EcuadorMost people understand that fossil fuels are what “fuel” economic growth, as well as improve the quality of life for billions of people. That being said, the people have every right to expect that when big oil companies explore, locate and then extract this commodity from the earth, they do so in keeping with being stewards of the environment.

When they don’t keep that end of the bargain, the people are also right in expecting them to be held to account – only, that doesn’t happen when the environmental damage occurs in a small, poor country whose people don’t have

Drastic 300% rise in babies born already addicted to heroin, opioids, painkillers

nfdgThe number of babies who are born addicted to opioids has tripled in just 15 years in our country. It’s a shocking statistic that underscores just how far opioid addiction reaches. In 1999, 1.5 babies in every 1,000 births were born addicted to opioids and placed into a withdrawal program immediately. A new CDC report shows that the number had risen dramatically to 6 babies per 1,000 births by 2013.

Some areas of the country have been particularly hard hit. In West Virginia, for example, just 0.5 cases of opiate addiction were noted per 1,000 births in 1999. In 2013, however, the number had skyrocketed to 33.4. Maine and Vermont