Archangel Michael: The Time is Now, Be You and Thrive

145946107999181Divine Beings of Light, We greet you in love.

You are refining your energy fields in ways that benefit you enormously. This may feel exceptionally challenging to you and we want you to know that if this is the case, it is no indication of a back-slide or veering off course. You are right on track in unfolding the pure line of your own spirit, into form and it is this acceleration in frequency and capacity for light, within your embodiment, that is manifesting as dramatic sensations and demands on your body, now.

Ohmnipure 08-22-16

shutterstock_129491495I come to you at this time to bring an update on what Altros, Mushaba and Porda have bringht to you. I am Ohmnipure, and I come with some information that will bring even more delite and understanding to you about what has come before this information.

There is something taking place right now in the White House that is preparing for the outright truth of what has been taking place in the background, and for the return to the original governance of the united states

Beings of Venus: Manifesting From the Seat of Love

beings-from-venusWe, Beings of Love from Venus come forth to share our energy, light, and understanding with you. We are aware that major shifts are taking place upon the Earth now which are impacting the creation of the Era of Love. We are immensely excited as are many beings of the Universe of the Creator as a major shift concerning the Christ Consciousness has taken place supported and assisted by Master Jesus, numerous Christed Beings, and Star Beings. The Christ Consciousness vibration which was anchoring into the Earth during the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus, was being drawn from a synthesis of the Planetary

Angelic Guides: Manifest Everything You Desire

thToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of manifesting your desires. Of course each and every one of you have many desires in which you have set your sights upon, you have wished for them, so why haven’t they come true yet. This is what we would like to discuss in hopes of helping you become more clear about what is needed in order for your dreams to come true.

Each and every one of you have things that you once wanted and now have. You successfully manifested those desires into your life.

Obamacare system in ‘insurance death spiral’ warns Texas Governor

sdgHe may not be a physician or corporate insurance executive, but Texas Gov. Greg Abbot is astute enough to understand a failing business model – and government policy – when he sees one.

Commenting on health insurance giant Aetna’s recent decision to pull out of most Obamacare-created health insurance exchange markets after losing more than $430 million since 2014,

Top doctor reveals how meat and dairy products lead to chronic diseases responsible for early death

uiopCharles R. Attwood is a well-respected vegetarian doctor who at one point owned and operated one of the most lucrative pediatric clinics in the United States. His practice was so successful that he began writing about the achievements in articles published in the Medical Economics Magazine.

The physician eventually penned a book entitled, Dr. Attwood’s Low-Fat Prescription Diet for Kids, leading him on a nationwide book tour that unbeknownst to him would change his career path forever.