Zap/Poofness 8/28/2016

pooftimePOOF SAID

This is the time that all of you have been waiting for; with all the I’s dotted and all the t’s crossed and all the appendages handled that have been in the way. We see nothing but glowing embers from the many trials and tribulations that have arisen in the past. There are many new ways that can now be accessed to make forward movement. The joy of new beginnings is about to begin!!! You are going to be blessed and rightly so. It has been a long dry spell and a long time coming to this point. Get ready and stop the jawing of about time; all is going to finalize in a consistent timely manner. Again, this is based on the fact that much is under way with few gaps in the so far as all focused minds can.

The Lighted Ones: The Accelerated Timeline

tloYou are currently in a corridor of preparation. The collective has chosen an accelerated timeline and everything has shifted. There are always many probable timelines available to you in any moment. There were several potential timelines beginning in September that would carry you through the rest of the year. It was always going to be a major milestone in the ascension process, it was just a matter of how rapidly it would occur.

The Lion’s Gate Portal of this year was a testing ground so to speak. Those of us who are tasked with monitoring the state of humanity to ensure that this process unfolds in the most compassionate way possible, were waiting to see

The Pleiadians: Awaken Within This Dream

output_bqU4zdAs a species of life, you are poised at that moment when you are required to make a leap of faith.

We tell you stories from which you can evolve. You can choose whether to believe them or not. However, if you believe them, be willing to let go of them and recognize when they no longer serve you.

Our entire approach and purpose at this point in time is to confound you into clarity and create unsolvable contradictions within the patterns

The Collective Speaks on Abundance

council-of-light[Question] You’ve told us that abundance, especially money, has a lot to do with gratitude, and how we deal with the energy of money—how much we “like” money. This was very helpful.

But if we choose our life circumstances before we incarnate, have we already chosen whether to live an abundant life, or a suffering one?

How much does karma come into play?

Obama Handing the Internet to Globalists

internet-censorship-china_facebook-likesEvery time you type in an address on the internet, you can thank the International Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN.) Since 1998, as explained on, this U.S. non-profit, for public benefit corporation has been the responsible party for coordinating the millions of numbers and names used as “unique identifiers” on the global internet system.

ICANN is not involved in creating or controlling internet content, nor do they have any say in gaining internet access. But as the manager of the