Obama Handing the Internet to Globalists

internet-censorship-china_facebook-likesEvery time you type in an address on the internet, you can thank the International Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names (ICANN.) Since 1998, as explained on Icann.org, this U.S. non-profit, for public benefit corporation has been the responsible party for coordinating the millions of numbers and names used as “unique identifiers” on the global internet system.

ICANN is not involved in creating or controlling internet content, nor do they have any say in gaining internet access. But as the manager of the backbone behind the names and numerical addresses for every person, business, corporation and nation in the world,  ICANN is a critical component in how the internet operates. And that’s about to change, but it’s not for the better. According to Breibart.com, President  Barak Obama has been pushing to give the transparent ICANN’s governance away to a global body, which could be “one of the worst blunders in the history of national security economic policy and the fight for liberty.”

This global hand off is described as the “Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Transfer,” as reported by Protectinternetfreedom.com. What will be “surrendered”  is the management of the “domain name system” (DNS) as well as the “root zone files,” which effectively ends “America’s special role in protecting the greatest tool in human history. . .” One can only imagine what a world would be like without the truth and the freedom of expression found on the internet.

Gary Franchi of Next News Network reports that Congress has concerns about fixing a system that isn’t broken. Franchi also warns about the very real potential of censorship on a global scale.

According to Projectinternetfreedom.com, without the protections of the U.S. government, these new changes mean that the body for controlling naming rights to the internet could dissolve into “zero transparency” that could “threaten freedom everywhere.” And although President Obama is being fingered as the one pushing for this transfer of authority,  a closer look at the documents reveals that the plan to yield control of the internet naming rights to a global authority has been in effect since the beginning. You can discover the evidence of this fact on page three of an August 12, 2016 document titled in part “ The IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal .” Turns out that 2014 was the year that the “final steps” were being taken concerning transferring authority for the internet’s domain naming system (DNS) to the private sector. But this process had already  “been in motion for more than eighteen years.” That takes us to 1998, when ICANN was first created.

This document clearly states that the control of the internet by a global body, outside the jurisdiction of ICANN’s transparent and democratic efforts, has always been the plan and intent. President Barak Hussein Obama is just the White House corporate puppet to actually bring it to fruition. Once this transfer takes place, intrepid researchers and truth seekers may soon experience disturbing new disinformation and propaganda sites trolled by the global  thought police . Which internet sites might no longer be available? Only the globalists know. Better be stocking up on emergency supplies , fo od and water while you still can.

By NewsTarget