Zap/Poofness 8/07/2016

pooftimePOOF SAID: (reprint)

The time for asking questions is nearing; the making of the president and the way the national players are handling the economy and the issues at hand is nerve wracking and unsteady. If only there were some stabilized forces that would make matters much easier. But there isn’t! The chips are falling wherever they will and the energies for changing horses in mid stream are already in play. The work of every one right now is to stay awake, aware, be up and listening, and to know that what has been said for hundreds of times, this is no picnic, it never was and it isn’t now. The shifting times and the shifting players don’t help the vision casting department one bit. Now then; let us speak up about the way we see it. We think that you will see some constructive efforts coming forth by the end of the month; we think that logistics and dynamite are in the offering, and the players are getting ready to be aggressive, up front and to call spades what they are. Just know that as we have said forever at this point any thing goes. Nothing is tied to any benchmark but the work is on going..P..

Divine Mother, One Who Serves and Ashira: Many Things Now Are Being Revealed In Your World

tryu“Divine Mother”

I am “Divine Mother” here to share with you this day, this glorious day. Today is a celebration at all levels and for all beings. There are so many in this room who came to share this with you. Can you feel them?

Each of you has done your part in building this energy as we have contributed to this. The building of this golden white light pillar in this room. You will have this each week to build cherish and to build even more upon. But this has been an installation. An installation of light

Mary Magdalene: The Truth of Mary Magdalene’s Journey

Omna_LogoNatalie: Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Grotte de la Sainte Baume which is a cave in the south of France where it is said that Mary Magdalene spent much of her time after the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. The cave is on the side of a mountain, and it takes about a 45mins steep walk through glorious and luscious woodland to reach this sacred place. Before entering the cave, I began to communicate with Mary Magdalene to discover the purpose of my visit and why I was being guided to visit the Grotto. Below is what I received, information that Mary Magdalene wanted to share not just with me